Your First Steps In Meditation.

It goes without saying that we can’t ignore the issue of focus during meditation. In fact it’s known that our human focus varies through the day significantly. I see that you are just a beginner in meditation. So you’ll have to spend as much time to develop your focus.

Having learnt to increase your focus in your everyday meditation, you can start increasing your focus when doing other things. So as you can see any daily activity can give you an excellent opportunity to develop your concentration more.

It goes without saying that the most essential thing in meditation for beginners is developing focus. So as a beginner you should start learning this right now. By the way perhaps you wonder why you need this focus. So to cut a long story short focus is beneficial in any human activity. Certainly you need to concentrate when doing something. Your daily performance in any activity will be considerable enhanced due to a well developed focus. You’ll be a more skillful creature both in learning and work. In general when you gain this focus you’ll understand what you’ve lacked before. Moreover with this focus you can advance significantly your daily practice of meditation.

Now you should turn every moment of your life into one everlasting meditation. I think you need to choose just a simple activity for your start up. In fact you can use almost every routine activity for this purpose such as singing songs, washing dishes, vacuuming, sweeping the floor and so on.
It’s clear that your body knows for sure how to do all of this mentioned above. So let your body go on doing this. And you should pay attention to developing focus at this time.

Take slow and deep breaths and allow yourself to get relaxed deeply. It goes without saying that you should pay attention to all the sensations arising in your body. Perhaps your attention drifts a lot. In this case I advise you to smile get back to the sensations in your body. Just pay more attention to your physical sensations arising during the activity. Having done your routine activity you should notice that you feel good. You’ll notice certain benefits any way.
Gradually you can find more places to practice this. Having learnt to focus when doing simple activities, then you can learn building focus with more complex ones.

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By the way as you can see your housework will be more peaceful and even satisfying. For example I hate washing dishes. I can’t even think about this boring activity. But it’s only true without this focus of course. With this focus even washing dishes has become a lovely thing for me. Don’t you believe me? Have a try and you’ll make sure that I’m right.

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