Weight Loss

Your Deadline To Weight Loss Success

Just to make your weight loss effective, you should set a realistic goal and set a deadline. Your success will be defined by the activities and changes to your daily life that you make. You will need to change your lifestyle completely if you want to get rid of those excess pounds.

Create the Weekly Scorecard
You can make a checklist and assess yourself by registering your Progress and Great Results. It is recommended to read loud your written goals every day and to visualize yourself in your perfect state of health and shaped figure.

Further you can break down your weekly scorecards to more detailed aspects that will help you to reach your weight loss goal. For instance, in the food part you can include having your meal every 3 to 4 hours, drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water every day, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables. In the workouts part you can include doing cardio workouts for 30 minutes, playing sports 2 times a week and lifting weights for 30 minutes etc. Also, put in penalty points that will affect your weight loss process and all the things that you missed to do.

Setting Goals Every Week
First of all define how much time you are ready to invest on achieving your weight loss goal. If you set a goal to shed off some extra pounds, break it down to smaller goals, it depends on your present goal. It is easier to accomplish small goals that will lead you to your dream. If your weight loss plan is for 12 weeks, assess yourself every day to check how much you have attained over the last weeks. For 1 week record your target weight in one column and your present weight in the next one. Do the same for rest 12 weeks. If you do not see any progress, record your priorities and steps.

Assessing the Results
It is recommended to perform a full assessment and analysis every 90 days to check how much you managed to lose and if you approached to your goals. You should take measurements, measure your present weight, metabolic rate and body mass index. See if you managed to attain some of your goals and place the numbers at the other side of the actual figures.

Check the Milestones
In 90 days, see which milestones have been achieved. Why did you achieve them? Why do you think that some of the milestones have not been achieved?

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Setting Yearly Goals
You should also learn how to assess your goals on an annual basis. Bear in mind that weight loss should be for the entire life. And if you want to be healthy and shaped you should maintain it for the whole life. Weight loss and healthy eating should become your lifestyle.

See how your human features improved during weight loss and achieving your goals, your personality was enhanced. You will discover main values that have helped you to have better life. You will see old habits that you have got rid of and developed healthy ones instead.

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