You’ll Find Your Fitness Level Going Through The Roof With The Suunto T6C Heart Rate Monitor

Suunto t6c heart rate monitor has some unique functions to offer. Suunto is able to offer top of the line heart rate monitors because they have allied themselves with a sports science organization and developed software that can analyze a complex array of physiological variables. You can analyze your performance data after downloading your information to your computer.

The Suunto t6c can analyze exercise recorded interval data that records the time between heart beats. The monitor comes with a big memory and can therefore capture and store a large amount of data for a long period of time. You can look at your old workouts and see how you’re improving.

The advantages of having a heartbeat monitor that can give you information on your heart rate are many. You can easily track the intensity of your workout sessions. You can set goals for yourself and see how effectively you were able to meet them. The Suunto t6c has been shown to be as accurate as an EKG device used in hospitals.

With the Suunto t6c you not only get awesome features but also a great looking watch with a cool mineral glass face. You get a solidly built monitor and a replaceable battery as well. In addition to all this it has the heart rate feedback function. It also has count down timers among other customized display options. You can load all of your training data onto your computer using Suunto’s software and USB link. There’s even a website where you can share your info and get tips from others in the community. After downloading all of your data there are several physiological variables that are calculated.

There are also a number of different accessories you can purchase to use with your Suunto. You can change the options and buy add-ons depending on the exercise you are doing. You can use accessories to record and analyze your performance for sports like running, cycling, or even swimming. So if you’re a triathlete, the t6c is ideal. You can even measure your performance at different altitudes because the Suunto can track that data. Your heart rate information is sent via wireless connection from the chest strap to the wrist monitor.

The heart interval that is recorded will give you a better analysis of the workout sessions that you will have. You’ll also be able to track your respiration rate as well as your speed, and distance traveled. It monitors the different heart rates at different points in your session. You can look at this data and plan future workouts to optimally boost your performance.

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Your maximum heart rate is important as the t6c bases much of it’s training plan on this rate. Knowing your VO2Max is also very helpful when planning workouts. If you would like to determine these rates yourself, you should be able to find many sources of information online. There’s a lot to learn on the t6c with all of its features and training options. Most everything with the t6c is easy to learn though and you can even use your pc to analyze your training data yourself. The Suunto t6c is very effective because you can do most of the training and analysis yourself without having to rely on someone else.

The t6c is quite suitable for any athlete of any ability level. Apart from it being comfortable around the wrist it also has a backlight and an alarm. The Suunto is an amazing device to track your heart rate, plan workouts, and analyze your performance. You will be able to track your heart rate zone and train in the most optimal zone to improve your overall performance.

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