You Should Stop This Lower Back Pain.

According to recent researches 9 in 10 Americans will face back pain in a certain period of their lives. To my great regret people are getting this pain even at much younger age than ever before. Are you surprised? In fact there’s no wonder about this because as you can see for the last time we are used to sitting more and more instead of moving more. Moreover we often ignore the necessity to do physical exercises, especially stretches. So, as the result of our passive attitude to our bodies we’ve acquired strange habits as well as harmful postural distortions. It goes without saying that finally we get this terrible lower back pain.

You should realize right now that your bad posture destroys your lower back. Of course you know that we should have an appropriate posture. Moms often told us this in our childhood as you remember. Certainly our moms were right. By the way you can look at your reflection in the mirror. Perhaps you’ll notice that you fail to stand up straight. You notice that when forcing yourself to for about 1 minute, you feel this unwanted ache in your back. Why?

To my great regret your muscles have “addicted” to this bad posture so now this bad posture is a habitual pattern for your muscles. So there’s no wonder that it’s rather problematic for you to try a healthier posture because your muscles resist your attempts and you don’t feel good in this case. But certainly you should be ready for these inconveniences if you really want to get rid of this pain.

It goes without saying that you want to know how to fix this problem right now. In fact it’s really possible. So from the very beginning you should find out what kind of posture you take every day and how it affects your lower back. I should mention lordotic posture. This means that your hips and pelvis should be tilted forward and we can see a big curve right in your lower back. Another kind of posture is known as kyphotic. It’s the opposite pose to that one mentioned above because in this case your buttocks are tucked under your pelvis and hips. In this position your hips are tilted backward. By the way I should stress that indeed very few people stand up straight.

Now you should go to your bathroom and put off your shirt. Then you should put your pants off. In such a way you can look at yourself as a spectator. So you can see if your buttocks stick out behind with your hips pointing down and forward. I mean a lordotic posture in this case. Perhaps your butt is even tucked under you. So here you’ve got rather a flat lower back known as a kyphotic posture. Having identified your posture you can start doing corresponding exercises such as stretches. By the way you can read more about these exercises on the net. I hope you’ll have the right posture.

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