You Should Start Meditating Right Now.

Perhaps you are going to start meditate right now. But the main thing is that you should know how to do it in the right way. In fact many beginners hope that they will meet their objectives with the first attempt. But it’s clear that mediation can’t be as simple as watching TV. So a corresponding approach is required anyway.

I should say that it’s rather hard to teach anybody meditation because consistency is considered to be the most important thing for a new student. It’s a real challenge for a beginner. But this consistency should become a habit any way. So from my point of view consistency is more important for beginners than even intensity!

Setting up a daily schedule and following it is considered to be the most important element in meditation for any beginner. You should have a steady practice. Only in this case you can gain benefits. It’s clear that it will encourage you to gain better results in this field. But the main thing is this consistency of course as I have already told above.

Certainly I should tell more about consistency. It’s known that developing consistency is considered to be the real power can fuel many your positive habits in your life. The matter is that you can take a full control of yourself only through mastery of your own habits. So if you succeed with developing your consistency, then you won’t have any difficulties in your meditation.

But you should also think about intensity. As I can see you wonder when you can add more intensity. So as soon as you start making successful attempts in your meditation then you can try to add intensity to your daily meditation practice. It goes without saying that with a significantly increased intensity you can do much longer meditations than usual. You can face real challenges in meditation.

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OK, it’s clear that you need both intensity and consistency. But you also wonder what you should do right now. First of all you need practice without delay. Now you should take a deep breath. And then let the air go very slowly. While doing this you should focus on your feelings. To be exact you should think that you relax as you let the air go. Keep on taking deep and slow breaths. Don’t give up thinking about your increasing feeling of relaxation arising in all your body. You should do your best to visualize this. Go on doing this as long as you can or as long as you are really pleased by this. I don’t doubt that you’ll feel OK after this. There’s no wonder about this because meditation is a great invention of the humanity. Have a good time with meditation.

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