You Should Do These Leg Exercises.

As you know there are many exercises enabling everybody to strengthen different body parts. So with these exercises you can make your legs much leaner and stronger. By the way burning fat with some cardio workouts is also a good way to shape your legs. But you should remember special exercises which you can use specially for your legs. Here below you can read about these exercises.

I think you should start with lunges. I should say that exactly this workout is beneficial for all the leg muscles. Many people consider this to be the best leg exercise. I think that they are right. By the way it’s not difficult to do this.

So you should stand straight. Put your feet at your shoulder width. Then you should place your hands on the hips and make one big step forward.

Then, you should lower your body while being straight down. There should be a 90 degree angle formed by your back leg. I mean that angle at the knee of course. Then reverse back up using your leg muscles. You should do this for your both legs. Each leg requires 15 times of your doing this.

I should warn you that this exercise can be a real challenge for you if you have a bad knee for example. In this case you should use smaller steps and comfortable angles. You shouldn’t pressure yourself, otherwise you can injure your knee.

Then you can also try heel raises. I should say that this exercise is considered to be rather friendly. As for me I don’t know more friendly leg exercise. Moreover you can do this exercise almost anywhere. This exercise deals with the calf muscles. As you know exactly these calf muscles are considered to be problematic for many people.

To do this exercise you should also take the same position as mentioned above. I mean putting feet at the shoulder width ones again. As in that exercise mentioned above your arms should be also on the hips. Now, you can get on tiptoes and stay in this position for about 5-10 seconds. Then you can get back to the previous position. In fact you need to do up to 30 heel raises.

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Perhaps you want to try a more challenging raise. In this case you can do this exercise on a stair or using any other elevated surfaces for this purpose. It goes without saying that in this case your calf muscles will have to work harder.

And finally you should try plies. By the way I’d like to inform you that very often ballet dancers do this. From my point of view this exercise is the best one for your outer and inner thighs. You can have an excellent opportunity to choose modes to do this exercise. I just mean that you can do this exercise in the moderate or extreme way if you wish. I hope your legs will be beautiful.

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