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Yoga For Weight Loss – 3 Steps To See Results

Today people more often try yoga as a form of physical workout and as a way of losing or keeping weight. It is investigated that about 16 million people practice yoga in the USA alone and that figure keeps on growing, since more and more people are getting to know about benefits that they can reap from yoga.

Well weight loss is not one of the major goals of yoga, there is no doubt that regular practice of asanas can help in weight control, but if you want to see any noticeable results there are 3 main concepts that you should know. From the very beginning you should make sure that you are practising the right style of yoga that you practise regularly and that you accept yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle.

1. Style of yoga
There are many different styles of yoga, try to choose what is the most suitable for you. Static forms of yoga where poses are suitable for extensive periods of time to create balance and strength. For instance, Iyengar yoga, will be bring minimal weight loss effects. A quicker, smoother vinyasa form of yoga however, will help to burn large amounts of calories further. So, if one of your main goals in yoga is assisting you lose weight, consider Ashtanga or Power Yoga classes.

2. Frequency of practice
It goes without saying, but attending a yoga class once a month will not be good, whether you want to lose weight or reap other benefits from yoga. It is recommended to practice yoga on a regular basis. In fact, you should aim for 2 good sessions of an hour, ideally 90 minutes every week.
3. Part of a lifestyle
Yoga is a lifestyle. All the benefits that you can reap from yoga, increased strength, balance, better flexibility and ability to reduce stress, enhancing confidence and self esteem, enjoying a relaxed sleep. But everything will be in vain if you fail to practice everything that you were taught and have lack of rest. The good news is that over eating is often largely emotionally evoked. Since yoga will help enhance your self esteem and confidence, it will also help you control your snacking, and you can find out that you’ll be able to control your weight better with your yoga progressing.

So, follow these 3 major points, select the right style of yoga, practise on a regular basis and make yoga a part of your lifestyle if you want to achieve the best possible results.

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Bear in mind that yoga is all about unity, learning how to control your body and mind. Yoga is not about forcing and rushing, so stay patient, take some time and soon you will see great results.

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