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Women Get Superfluous Kilograms In Winter

Many women get superfluous kilograms in winter. If it is not about you – you concern overwhelming minority. Suppressing because your appearance is really capable to suppress vulnerable mentality of easily growing stout person. Probably therefore there are popular the sites devoted to various diets and a balanced food.

So why do we get fat during the autumn-winter period? There is nothing strange in it. It becomes simple – our life in winter is quieter, and the cold weather arise appetite. From here are superfluous 4 – 5 kilograms.

What do we usually do in this case? We rush on searches of the most simple and easy diets. I had a period when I within a month very modestly ate, swallowing of vitamins and having drunk much liquid; I needed to grow thin by December. But by December I felt squeezed out as a lemon, besides all my existing chronic diseases have become aggravated. And I, at last, have understood that have put an irreparable harm to the organism.

With what are restrictive diets harmful?

It is necessary to tell that our organism – the artful subject. When it does not receive food in the necessary quantity panics and starts to take measures. Exchange processes are slowed down and we as bears before hibernation start to be reserved by fat. (It explains that in the first days of a diet it is possible to get some weight easily…) the same fat serves an organism as an energy source later, but at fat splitting in blood arrive ketone bodies, which fatally effect on nervous system and heart. (At this time you become irritable, quickly get tired, feel palpitation and sleep badly).

Therefore many dieticians do not advise to refuse carbohydrates therefore as carbohydrates are capable to pull out exchange processes and then on carbohydrates, instead of on fat, our organism works. The food rich with carbohydrates, non-polluting also does not put harm to our organism.

It is considered that in day it is necessary for an organism for its normal functioning about 2000 kcal if you consume less than 800 kcal, it affects on health. Count calories and do not suppose energy crises.

You ask, how then is it better to grow thin?

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I advise not to limit an organism with meal, and to strengthen power processes that everything that you have eaten, was there and then burnt. Conduct an active way of life, use each moment of a life to spend it in movement. By the way, active intellectual process also is capable to burn calories actively. Therefore a restrictive food especially is not recommended to brainwork workers).

In the conclusion it would be desirable to wish: grow thin and be health!

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