Weight Loss

Widespread Errors At Growing Thin

The basis of struggle against excess weight is made by a difference between the energy received and spent by an organism. If the received energy hasn’t enough the organism will take forces from existing stocks, namely from a fatty fabric. Mathematically it is possible to express it so:

A – B = C

A – the spent energy;
B – received energy;
C – the result.

However, all seems simply only on a paper, to realize it in practice is much more difficult. We will stop on typical errors.

Not each time reduction of consumed calories is accompanied by weight reduction.

It would seem, a solution of a problem is a low-calorie diet. But not all is so simple. The person adheres to diet rules, considers calories, and result absolutely insignificant. Alas, so happens very often. The human body not always submits to mathematics laws. The matter is that if the quantity of calories decreases the organism starts to spend energy economically. Thus your efforts are brought to nothing.

All processes of ability to live demand energy which can arrive with food from the outside or be processed from already available fatty stocks. Reducing number of eaten calories, we try to force to process an organism the postponed fats. But more often as a result power consumption is only reduced and stocks of fats remain untouched. In the beginning of a diet the organism submits hunger signals.

How to define power consumption decrease?
It is possible to allocate a number of signs of decrease in power consumption.

Body temperature decrease. Weight reduction is slowed down or stops absolutely.
Constant general weakness, low tone in muscles.
Dizzinesses or faints (hard cases).
Constant feeling of hunger. It is a symbol of that your organism needs energy and can’t receive it from internal stocks.
Power consumption decrease has a number of serious consequences. Even if you will return to a usual food, the metabolism long time will remain slowed down so, the lost kgs will return again. Besides, reducing power consumption, the organism trains, therefore each time the result will be all less and is swept less up.

How correctly to struggle with excess weight
1.. The psychological spirit is very important. Motive presence raises level of the hormones promoting splitting of fats. Thus decrease in power consumption isn’t required to an organism.

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2. The sleep debt leads to power consumption decrease. Give to more time to a dream.

3. Struggle against excess weight shouldn’t be limited to a diet. The series of measures which will include physical activity, a psychological spirit, a balanced diet is required.

4. To deduce products from a diet it is necessary carefully. Criterion following: there should not be a discomfort and feeling of hunger.

5. Use a principle of a fractional food. Eat small portions, thus increase quantity of food intakes. Limit sugar and fats, in a diet fibers and difficult carbohydrates should prevail. If it is difficult to you don’t clean evening food intakes but try to eat at this time the fat.

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