Why You Should Like Fitness?

You will feel happier. During playing sports in an organism the pleasure hormone is developed. And with it to you will not be terrible neither winter depression, nor a January frost, neither the annual report, nor traffic jams. After all it is such trifles in comparison with all other fine-fine-fine world!

You will find a self-trust. The beauty is not a gift, and regular work on yourself will bring not only perfect forms but also belief in own irresistibility and sexuality.

You will become sexy girl. East dance excites imagination of men and strengthens sensuality of women. It is said that belly dance clears up the sexual feeling. The woman, having seized technics of east dances, becomes such “sexy-pepsy” that at surrounding men simply takes down a roof. And its beloved and at all loses interest to all other persons of a female and after the first private dance wants only the seductive dancer. Now belly dances are in the schedule of each fitness club respecting. So why not to check up their magic influence on yourself and not to give a gift to the man?
Soon is the new year! And New year always is to be met fully armed and in all shine of beauty and perfection. In the schedule of many fitness clubs there were already special intensive programs. For example, in my club it is employment on steppers “we Prepare for a holiday” and training with dumbbells “Winter chocotherapy”. These programs are created to tighten and strengthen all that will underline and will bare your New Year’s dress: muscles of hands and a breast. And, certainly, these exercises will make seductive your feet, hips and a press. You represent reaction of the beloved when you will remove from you gift packing (read, an evening dress) and will see all this beauty?

You will be a star on a dancing. Having seized technics of modern dances, you will manage to rivet on yourself attention of surrounding men to any party. After all it is considered that it is possible to judge sexuality of the woman how she dances, whether she receives pleasure from dance. Dance is a simple way to win hearts of men. If you dare to go at a breach, pay attention to programs with elements of erotic dance (them still name “tet-and-tet”). Having studied some movements, you will understand, in what a secret of appeal Britney Spears and Shakira. After all their dancing numbers on 80 % consist of the seductive movements borrowed from a striptease. For three-four employment you can learn high-grade dance into which besides standard movements enter movements on chairs and on a floor.

Who has told that fitness is boring? Yes will comprehend the villain a cellulitis and 52 clothing size! And we will study in the meantime a new dancing combination, we will mould a body of the dream and we will tempt the most beautiful men of a planet. After all they cannot resist us – sportswomen, optimists and simple beauties!

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