Weight Loss

Why We Get Fat?

Sugar + salt+ fat =alimentary dependence

Hunger is the same ancient and immutable instinct as reproduction, a survival, self-preservation, etc. And so, American nutritionist David Kessler, former head of FDA (the Federal agency on supervision of quality of nutrition and medicines in the USA) insists that unscrupulously make profit of our instinct of meal. The alimentary companies with might and main use biochemistry achievements, that literally put a brain of consumers on certain products (first of all, it is industrial sweets and farinaceous food).

By trial and error manufacturers have calculated the safe prescription: the combination from Saccharum, fat and salt causes in us similar with narcotic reaction at biochemical level, it means that to us very difficult not be stoned on such product.

It is warned, means it is armed: if you have already sat down on fast food (can’t live day without a chocolate, aerated water or fancy bread), operate gradually, but it is firm. First, accustom yourself to pass alimentary impulses through consciousness. For example, instead of: “this ice-cream such tasty, I will eat only pair of spoons of it”, speak to myself: “I know that if I will eat pair of spoons, I can not stop, until I will not eat all”. To blast emotional communication with meal disgust – for example if it would be desirable fancy bread will help, it is possible to imagine green from a mold a piece of the white loaf disgustingly smelling and covered with insects.

It is not necessary to lose at once all edible pleasures, introduce in life small, but effective habits, say, “I don’t eat desserts” or “I don’t eat a white loaf”. Change a route if each time on the way to work or home you run in a supermarket for the cakes. Our environment influences us, including in respect of meal. Keep more close to harmonious friends, whose approach to meal is pleasant to you, and try to copy their alimentary behavior.

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It is warned, means it is armed: try to shift focus of attention from quantity of meal on its quality. Even if are capable to swallow a tiger, always put to itself on a plate a small portion of meal (want – then take an additive) and – savor. It means, inhale and try to remember its smells, bite off/drink gradually, carefully chew before to swallow. These simple receptions activate gustatory receptors and help to strengthen pleasure from reception nutrition so, to be satisfied with its smaller quantity.

One more checked up way – cardio training. They promote development of a hormone of pleasure of a dopamine, and thus the brain has an opportunity to “gather additionally” the pleasant emotions half-received with meal. Most effectively operate short cardio sprints – jumps with a skipping rope (50-100 successively), jogging (15 minutes) and run upwards on ladders.

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