Weight Loss

Why The Weight “has Got Stuck”?

The situation is familiar to much: you limit yourself in meal, you lose superfluous kgs and after the certain moment weight reduction stops … Why it occurs?

Error 1: incorrectly chosen diet

You have decided to dump the bothered excess weight, have chosen a power supply circuit, have registered in a gym … Passes some weeks, kgs leave. You are full of enthusiasm but at a given time the weight “jams” also all! What is it? It is a signal that it is necessary to replace tactics. Often women choose too strict diet and it is not enough quantity of calories consumed by them for normal ability to live of an organism, the metabolism therefore is slowed down and weight reduction stops.

Error 2: starvation and “effect Yo-Yo”

If to eat a week only rice or fruit the weight will leave but I do not advise to exhaust an organism with starvation further. The similar situation is observed at refusal of sweets, flour or fat. The organism gets used to do without these products and the weight fades. At returning to a usual way of life kgs will return to the shortest terms and, quite probably, your “new” weight will be exceeded by that was before growing thin. It also is effect “Yo-Yo” when having dumped 5 kg, then type 7-8 … a growing thin key rule: it is necessary to eat balanced food in order the organism received all vitamins necessary for ability to live and microcells and to try to spend more calories than to receive with food.

Error 3: refusal of salt

Saltless diets are always fraught with weight “jamming” as superfluous kgs leave at the expense of loss by moisture fabrics. If after a stop of weight not to replace tactics there will be a weakness, apathy, an organism will save forces. Completely to refuse salt doesn’t follow even to the people inclined to puffiness costs only in reasonable limits to limit its quantity.

Error 4: ignorance of natural physiological processes

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Separately it is necessary to notice that critical days can become the reason of occurrence of a couple of superfluous kgs. It is connected by that the liquid is late in an organism. To sound alarm and in an emergency order to go on a diet it is not necessary, as in some days the situation will be resolved by a natural way. At desire it is possible to drink diuretic tea.
Error 5: a separate food as growing thin tactics

A separate food propagandized today isn’t a growing thin technique. The given scheme is used for clearing and improvement of an organism, normalization of work of digestive system. Considerably to dump weight, only adhering to principles of a separate food, it will not turn out.

It is really surprising that nowadays we are living in the world where knowledge makes life easier. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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