Weight Loss

Why The Weight Comes Back?

Many of us many times in their lives tried to lose weight or at least to start doing it. Promised to eat less. Ate less, like all it would turn out. And weight balances really showed decrease of body mass. But then failure, a hyper alimentation and homing of weight to former level and in many cases even to a higher degree. If such situation meets often enough can be here any pattern covered? The reason of this phenomenon – is the homeostasis law.

The homeostasis is a relative constancy of a chemical compound and organism functions. Body temperature – is the brightest example of action of the law of a homeostasis. At any ambient temperature of organism, using the free energy, aspires to support about 37 degrees on Celsius. And the body structure and together with it quantity of fatty mass becomes rather constant. It seems to an organism that the tummy generated during the last years, hips or breeches are norm for your existence though reason you understand that it is now not only not fashionably, but also for some frames certain hindrances to moving to space, and together with them to active life full of pleasures.

In what image the organism holds this constancy of mass? Influence of environment on an organism many-sided. Organism existence in these conditions probably only, at timely and corresponding reaction to influences of medium. Having told to yourself “I will eat less!”, you thereby in imagination have changed medium with a meal abundance, on medium with the limited quantity of meal and have framed organism with illusion of change of world around. After change of medium in a brain the signal in due time arrives, and you start to feel hungry.

If you have too reduced meal consumption changes of functions of an organism will be beyond limits of physiological fluctuations and then hunger becomes intolerable. During this moment you will start to think in another way: “I will eat a small slice. What for to refuse from pleasure, and then physicians said that sweet is useful for a brain and etc.” And after your consciousness will wake up, you will see the same number on balances or even greater number.
Is there a way to lose weight? Yes, only it is not idle time also is based on opening by physiologists of patterns of vital processes.

Beautiful tummy is it possible?

Perhaps each woman would like to have the sexy, tightened tummy. But, to achieve it is possible not only thanks to huge exercise stresses and a diet. The huge role is played by our daily way of life. So that it is necessary to do during the day and that is necessary for avoiding:

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Pay attention to what you drink all the day. You should forget about beer, lemonade and any other drinks like these. Only water! And, not less than 8 glasses in day! It will relieve an organism of a superfluous liquid.

Observe a day regimen and watch that your dream was high-grade. The return will lead to metabolism disturbance that involves addition in weight.

Walk more! It is the most effective way to get rid of superfluous folds on a stomach and to feel better.

It is possible to lose weight. Those who are looking for how to do that, might be interested in HCG. It goes without saying that there is a number of ways to reach the goal but if you require a natural one, review HCG diet. This and lots of other relevant info on HCG can be found on this HCG site.

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