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Why The Weight Again Comes Back?

Many of us more than once tried to grow thin. If coped with daily temptations and started to accept the limited quantity of meal in food all like would turn out. And scales pleased with the indicators. But inevitably then there was a failure in the form of an overeating and the weight came back to former level, and in certain cases even on higher. It occurs very often that at all isn’t the casual phenomenon. The reason is covered in the homeostasis law.

The homeostasis is a relative constancy of a chemical compound and organism functions. Action of the law of a homeostasis can be demonstrated on a body temperature example. Whatever was the ambient temperature, the organism aspires to maintain temperature of a body about 37 degrees on Celsius. The body structure, and also quantity of fatty weight is too rather constants. It seems to an organism that appeared recently a stomach, hips and buttocks are for you norm. But you don’t consider so.

Whence the organism knows how to support constant weight? Environment operates on all organism as a whole. Thus the organism should be always ready react to influences of environment in due time. When you speak to yourself: “I will eat less!” you force an organism to pass “as though” in new world around in which the environment with a meal abundance is replaced on Wednesday with the limited quantity of meal. Right after it is the signal from which the feeling of hunger goes to a brain.

Hunger becomes intolerable if you too reduce meal consumption. Because of strong hunger you will think: “If I will eat a small slice, it won’t damage me. Besides doctors said that sweet is necessary for a brain. It last time and at once on a diet, and etc. “. By then the desire to be sated completely will eclipse your consciousness and you will see that your weight remained former, and can even became and more.

If the organism is so difficult arranged, so is it possible to grow thin? Actually, it is possible. Only it isn’t so simple and it is necessary to consider opening of physiologists about laws of vital processes.
The law of force of irritation
That size on which it is necessary to lower meal consumption should be accurately defined. Too high size will lead to that the organism will go by the way of the first way of adaptation. If the quantity of meal which you will be capable to refuse is too small the organism won’t react and won’t start to get rid of fatty fabrics.

The law of duration of irritation
It is necessary to observe terms of adaptation of an organism. At reduction of consumption of food necessarily there will be at least a small hunger. That hunger has passed, time for adaptation is necessary for an organism. Therefore the food intake mode can’t be changed before a target date. Duration of a diet also should be particularly defined. Only after the termination of this period changes can be made to your food.

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