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Why The Sitting On A Diet Is A Hard Thing?

The overwhelming majority of people address to diets and fitness because of desire to grow thin, i.e. to lose some kgs and desirable quickly. Many don’t receive any result and many – only time weight reduction with the subsequent addition. Why does so occur and what all the same to do? We will try to answer this question to you.

There are “lucky beggars” who at all don’t type superfluous kgs. They eat everything and they do not have any fat. This phenomenon is hard enough to explain. All the same the majority is inclined to “fat accumulation”. A lot of people even lose in the struggle with the weight. There is an explanation to it. The older we become the lowest is the activity of the hormones regulating exchange processes. For example, development of a hormone of growth – the most powerful fat burning instrument decreases. Also, if do not to undertake any measures speed of a metabolism approximately on 7-10 % each 10 years and also muscular weight on 2-2,5 kg every decade decreases. And fat fills the “released” space. There is also the latent adiposity without change of weight of a body. As a result many dieticians make the conclusion that weight increase becomes the natural and inevitable process with the years. But our actions should be directed on liquidation of the reasons of excess weight instead of simple restriction in a food.

Once again about the excess weight reasons
Decrease in impellent activity against preservation of habitual model of a food, metabolism delay, decrease in activity of hormones, reduction of muscular weight – and combustion of calories occurs. We can’t turn time back but we are in a condition and should affect the excess weight reasons.

The basic errors of dieticians or why there is no result?
It is strange to hear from dieticians that “physical activity concerning growing thin process has, more likely, auxiliary value”, and “that the most answering the growing thin purpose are loadings of small intensity but enduring”. And it is actively propagandized as absolutely true theory. So why do we sweat in a hall on racetracks and training apparatus? There are enough for the purpose of growing thin “the pedestrian walks”. We should to forget about the factors influencing weight, namely, about muscular weight, a metabolism and hormones. So, for weight dump the aerobics combination (cardio) and power training at least for preservation of those muscles will be obligatory. And also for increase in speed of a metabolism (it can reach 40 % in relation to those who doesn’t train) cardio and power are considered the best variants of an optimum combination in other sections. Now our main task is to convince you of that fitness won’t be useful or will be such which won’t be pleasant to you if you do not try to reach the results. Be adequate for the decision of your problems and pay attention to a food.

It is really surprising that right now we are living in the world where knowledge makes life easier. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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