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Why It Is Necessary To Eat Firm Food

Recently so-called liquid diets start to find popularity. Their essence consists that you should eat only liquid products: soups, juice, kissels, probably liquid porridge. Such diet helps to dump quickly weight, however it conceals many dangers in itself. The matter is that our digestive system is adapted for digestion of firm food. The firm food is gradually entered into a diet of children already on the first year of life. Refusal of firm food for long time at adult age isn’t always defensible aspiration to grow thin. After all we want not only to grow thin but also to keep our organism healthy. Therefore before choosing a similar kind of a diet or to refuse it, it is necessary to understand why it is necessary to eat firm food.

The use of firm food guarantees that the digestive system of an organism will work correctly. At the use only liquid or semi-fluid products there can be problems of digestive organs, gastritises. Besides, teeth will start to suffer. Correct growth of teeth and maintenance of their working capacity depends on constant loading on them. The firm food is such food which needs to be chewed well. If to deprive teeth of necessary exercise the tooth fabric will start to lose some calcium gradually. Such changes occur very quickly but in several weeks they can be not appreciable. At long refusal of firm food there is a risk to lose teeth – they start to be loosened, crumble. Thus, the organism gets rid of “unnecessary” bodies.

Certainly, in certain cases it is necessary to refuse firm food during treatment. Such can occur, for example, during jaw crisis. However it is necessary to understand that it is a provisional measure and it is coordinated with your attending physician.

Health pledge is in the use of various food, a food should be high-grade and balanced. The organism should receive enough of fibers, fats and carbohydrates. It is necessary to remember also that the norm of consumption of a liquid makes from 1,5 to 2 liters a day. We receive a part of this liquid in the latent kind in soups, porridges. Other part is recommended to be received through the use of table mineral water, grassy teas, juice.

Food with which you eat is necessary to chew carefully. Yoga says that it is necessary to take firm food and to lead up it in a mouth to a liquid state. Perhaps, it is not necessary to adhere strictly always to such recommendation but it is necessary to remember that the big pieces of badly chewed food badly affect digestion. They cannot be digested up to the end. Getting to an intestinal path such food starts to decay in it.

Probably, you already had to face a problem of a swelling of a stomach, gases, locks. It occurs just that the food is insufficiently well digested our stomach. Certainly, this problem can have different reasons: stale meal, an overeating, “heavy” products for our digestive system. … sometimes, especially at older persons, such phenomena start to have constant character and it is necessary to address for the help to doctors.

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