Why It Is Difficult To Make An Ideal Figure.

The reason actually is simple… Because it is necessary to do a figure. Persistently and persistently, all the day, every day, years… The mode of trainings and rest, a diet… Everywhere is a continuous mode… A mode, as a way of life.

Other problem consists that many people have got used to “leave” on a freebie. At institute it is possible to teach less and write off examination perfectly well. On work it is possible to leave unfinished and receive the same money. Only to have a beautiful body the freebie does not pass in aspiration! You have underfulfilled, you have not received…

Laziness and absence of will are the reasons on which you have the big stomach.

As to wonderful techniques, diets, exercises, devices – they do not exist! Do you want everything at once? Then you have the only way – lie only under a scalpel of the cosmetic surgeon…
“Employment with burdenings do a female figure man’s” is one of fears which are stated by many women before the beginning of trainings in an exercise room. It is not surprising to hear such question because mass-media already repeatedly published images of women with unnaturally developed muscles for this category of mankind.

To answer this question allow to describe some facts which are taken from practical experience. The first acquaintance to “iron” has occurred in 1993 from “shaping”. So employment by dancing aerobics which came to an end with a campaign in an exercise room in the homeland named. In due course I began to pass a dancing part of employment and came at once to “rocking chair”. Thus, I am familiar with “weights”. I have started to train “on the adult”, as present “boys”. If I so long and intensively worked with iron I should have unnatural muscles? In my opinion, and according to associates me people, it has not occurred.
Experience of my trainings has shown that eight years of employment with burdenings do not do the man of the woman. So what do they give? The composition (structure) of a body has changed. In this time the weight of a body practically has not changed, but volumes have changed, i.e. circles of hips and a waist have decreased. My body became more dense, and forms are more graceful. The image of my thinking besides, has changed. I have learnt to achieve the purposes and consequently became more self-assured and more cheerful.

Be not afraid, lovely women, employment in an exercise room. Employment with burdenings do a man’s body by more courageous. And female more womanly. Any work improves the person, including trainings in an exercise room. Thanking it, you become even more attractive, remaining thus flexible, gentle and sexual.

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