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Why Diets Don’t Bring Desirable Results

Proofs are obvious: remember at least all those advertizing with which you bombarded for the last years and which extol efficiency of many diets. Reflect for a second: if at least one of these diets really yields the promised result, the problem would be solved for a long time already. Let’s think together why diets don’t work that next time when you will persuade to try the next diet; you would know that it only a mirage.

At once we will make a reservation that “diet” in this case is meant a word a limiting diet (strictly speaking, “diet” means simply certain diet; there are diets for weight reduction, for a set of weight or muscular mass). And it also is the main problem of all diets. You limit! You can’t eat those products which you like more.

If you don’t keep to a diet you can eat everything and when you want to eat it. The meal doesn’t control your life, but it is very pleasant component. While you speak “it is necessary to reduce quantity of consumed nutrition or to refuse certain products”, you make a sacrifice. You will feel pity and unfortunate. The meal doesn’t become less important, but very much the other way – it will seems in ten times more valuable and than it will get more valuable.

Thus, starts stronger chain reaction. It is comparable with excruciating of the smoker trying to give up smoking by means of will power. Sooner or later your resistance will run low also you will give in to temptation.

If you keep to a diet, you will be constantly feeling hunger and following food intake defines all your life. You feel pity because you can’t eat and while at last there has come time of so long-awaited meal, you don’t feel better or because can’t eat so much to satisfy hunger or because the dish with which you eat does not seem to you tasty. Besides usually you are excruciated by conscience that you eat more than the diet resolves.

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If you don’t keep to a diet, you can easily refuse something during a meal or in general pass food intake, without feeling especial loss. But if you pass a meal when keep to a diet, you at once “write out the debenture” and notice in mind that necessarily compensate it during the following meal. Keeping to a diet, you never consume fewer calories than the diet resolves, but often enough consume much more.

The fact is conventional that observing the most part of diets in long prospect the person will type weight more likely than lose it. If to analyze the psychological factors accompanying diets, there is no anything surprising.

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