Why Did Kim Kardashian Partner With BRAVADA International For Its Sexy Brazilian Inspired Female Fitness And Activewear Line?

Why did Kim Kardashian choose BRAVADA to align with for her brand of female sports and activewear? Simple, because BRAVADA’s Muscle Flex VATA Brasil female fitness wear collection is unmatched in so many ways from its performance to its amazing comfort. BRAVADA’s Muscle Flex VATA Brasil women’s activewear collection isa a unique line of activewear inspired by sexy Brazlian styling and Brazilian flare and comfort. Muscle Flex VATA Brasil women’s activewear is sassy, sexy, ultra comfortable, body contouring, natural wicking, and energizing. The clothes contour your body like no other and make you feel inspired and energized. BRAVADA brings women’s activewear the hottest new look to rock female fitness clothing for yoga, pilates, working out, running, pilates, the gym or any other sporting activity and thats just a part of why Kim Kardashian decided that BRAVADA was her number one workout clothing choice.

The entire BRAVADA Muscle Flex VATA Brasil collection has been designed specifically for women who are active, love to workout and love a Brazilian look spiced with a dash of sassy and sexy. The entire Muscle Flex VATA Brasil collection is a OneFit garment that fits sizes 0 -12. The specially designed VATA Brasil OneFit fabric is a lightweight, highly elastic fabric that has four times more filaments than regular fabric. Your Muscle Flex VATA OneFit fabric has “Memory Stretch” which allows for its incredibly comfortable OneFit feature. It’s the only women’s sports and activewear collection that will always fit whether you lose a little or gain a little here and there.

As well, the incredible moisture drawing properties of the Muscle Flex VATA Brasil OneFit fabric uses a natural wicking process as opposed to a chemical treatment used by most other garment manufacturers. The OneFit VATA Brasil fabric has 4 times the filaments than regular yarn and its millions of filaments make for a softer more comfortable feel The 10 times memory stretch featureof the VATA Brasil OneFit fabric makes for an amazing feel at any size You won’t ever want to get out of your Muscle Flex VATA Brasil female sports and activewear! The OneFit VATA Brasil fabric is an innovation in comfort, styling and feel. It’s millions of highly breathable filaments are designed to stretch and fit in total comfort from sizes 0-12. Once you get into your Muscle Flex VATA Brasil active wear clothes, you will never want to get out of them. Kim Kardashian is very selective with her sports and activewear clothes and their style. BRAVADA’s Muscle Flex VATA Brasil’s collection is her top pick and why she has partnered with BRAVADA’s women’s activewear collection.

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