Weight Loss

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

The first attempts for losing weight usually have results, because when you decide to lose weight, you are active, and kilograms leave and that motivates you to the feat continuation. But sooner or later there comes the moment when, despite all reasonable efforts, the hand of scales foully stops. Let’s try to understand the reasons why the process of losing weight stops.


You will definitely lose weight if during a week you eat only rice or cucumbers. But only to a certain limit. Your body declares a boycott against you and does not wish to lose weight any more. For this reason short-term diets which are advertized as rather effective, usually have temporary effect.

Excessive diligence

Very often the weight stops, when you load your muscles mass too much, in the absence of an adequate food. The body does not stand the test and starts to be capricious. As a result you give up on a diet and exercises, and later you gain weight again. Moderate, but regular load is much more useful and much more effective, than stepped-up runnings in a gym to death.

Shortage of a variety

Correct losing weight is possible, only if you competently combine power and heart trainings. If you use only one type of load (even if you like it very much and you are very active with it), it is quite natural that the body will get used and will cease to lose these hated kilograms.

Laziness illusions

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Some ladies cannot find time for regular fitness and replace any trainings by some accessories like a wonderful belt for losing weight or vibratory massage armchairs for cellulite liquidation. All these accessories are able to reduce a fatty layer, but only locally and not for a long time, and your sizes will return to you as soon as possible. You have to realize that it is just impossible to lose weight if you do not sweat. A diet itself is also not very effective if you do not do any physical exercises. The essence of any program for losing weigh si to create the lack of energy in your body, i.e. you need to eat less calories than you spend. And you can create this lack of energy only if you do physical exercises. Of course that doesn’t mean that you just must go to gyms or run several miles a day, you can do simple morning and evening exercises, go for long walks, dance etc. By the way, dancing is the best physical activity for those who wants to lose weight.

The end result

One of the most simple explanations is the fact sometimes that you have already reached your optimum weight. You can not deceive your body, it probably simply considers further attempts as war against it. It is not reasonable to deceive your nature by using violence against yourself. Think, if you set up real goals and do not be carried away by the idea of loosing weight too much.

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