Where We Will Do A Waist?

At various times beauty standards varied. It is required to the woman of the increasing efforts and work to support itself in the fine form. Once again, refusing a favourite delicacy, you try to “get to the bottom” of true who has thought up these notorious «90х60х90» all the same.

How uneasy to be the harmonous girl living in the XXI-st century. Whether time of antiquity or Renaissance when the woman who does not have the rights even on a delicate hint of sticking out edges or clavicles was considered as the beauty standard! And hardly beauties of pictures of the designated epoch knew about the location of resulting muscles or cared of a condition; for certain, they also were not engaged in calculation of “cubes” on a stomach and did not care of a parity of a waist and hips; and today’s models and at all would find physically unhealthy.

And it is not so important, what weight you have, what volumes of various parts of a body. After all it is possible to be attractive and irresistible not only in clothes of 40th size. The feminity secret is covered in a proper correlation of a waist and hips. There is an opinion (besides someone decided) that the waist should make 80 % from volume of hips. It is final, difficult to clean superfluous fatty adjournment from a waist, especially to women inclined to “life buoy” acquisition (conditionally given type of a figure it is possible to name “the apple” form – fatty adjournment basically are postponed in the field of a stomach and the top part of a body, instead of in the field of hips and buttocks that visually reminds “pear”).

But the situation can be changed at the expense of stronger muscles of an abdominal tension. Try to measure the waist, then gather in a stomach (certainly, it will occur only at the expense of press muscles) and look at smaller value of volume of a waist. If stomach muscles are trained, they always are in a tone therefore the stomach is tightened. As a result – the waist volume becomes less, despite presence of fatty folds (if all of them still remained after regular exercises on a press).
So, today we offer you original and effective exercise on abdominal tension muscles. Carrying out it, you will experience not only the top part of a muscle, but also “the bottom” press also.

Lay down on a back, lift feet to perpendicularly floor, and hands extend behind a head. If will feel a strong stretching of muscles of a back part of a hip, can bend a few a foot in knees. Make a breath and on an exhalation lift shoulders and shovels from a floor, trying to hold hands extended for a head.

And only after case lifting, continuing to carry out exercise, with hands concern feet. If it is not enough force of your muscles for high lifting and a hand cannot concern feet, can direct feet towards to hands. It is important to pay attention to that your waist has always been pressed. On a breath fall to a starting position.

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As difficult exercise, start to carry out with 10 repetitions, gradually increasing quantity to 20. Pay each time attention to performance technics: a foot do not lower to a floor, hold stops all time over hips; the waist is pressed to a floor, in no event in exercises on a press it does not come off a support; a chin try not to press to a breast – hold a neck on one line with a back.

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