Where To Target For Quick Weight Increases

People of the world are shown a constant flow of information for dropping weight. Most of the media contain tons of commercials for weight-loss plans, including magazines and the internet. It is peculiar that there aren’t many propaganda for boosting weight. There exist a lot of people that want to increase their weight but have a challenging time trying to do this. In many cases, their incentives for wanting a weight boost pertain to physical fitness. For example, a mixed martial arts pro may want to try to compete in a heavier weight division. Or a rugby player wants to increase size to, with greater ease, avoid defenders. Whichever the reason for pursuing weight gain, in most cases the best solution is to direct attention to muscle gains on the upper area of the leg — the quadriceps muscle.

Perhaps the biggest reason is because it prevents injury. Tearing the quadriceps muscles and tendonitis just below the kneecap are commonplace injuries in many athletic events. Increasing the strength of the this upper leg muscle has been verified to help avoid these afflictions. Another reason is because the quadriceps is a huge muscle in the body. This means that enhancing this muscle will correspond to fast mass expansion. Keep in mind that isotonic exercise is the best way to build muscle mass of the leg.

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