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Whence The Warts Appear And How To Get Rid From Them?

There is an opinion that warts are no more than fine trouble. However many of us also didn’t hear that warts on a skin can be infectious, and the reason of this disease is a human papilloma (HPV) which is transferred at immediate contact to people and animals or through household goods.

Warts can appear at any person. Intensively breeding in a skin, the virus of a papilloma provokes growth of its top layers. Flat warts on the face, warts on feet, virus warts on fingers of arms, hyponychial warts, warts on genitals at women and men … Warts can live practically everywhere, even in a mouth and a bladder!

But more often all of them arise at children and teenagers as their immune system is weaker, than at adults, and the virus is shown more actively.

Warts types

Basically warts are classified on the basis of appearance and localization.

The most widespread version is verruca vulgaris which makes 70 % from total. These warts can appear on any part of a body, not excepting mucosas. However nevertheless arms more often suffer from it.

Prevalence of warts can appear at arms contact to the polluted environment (game, work). Also at children the natural desire to tear off becomes perceptible or simply to scratch a wart that leads to a transmission of infection on not infected site of a skin.

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Plantar warts are verruca plantaris that affects 4.5 % of population are rather extended. Usually plantar warts meet on surfaces of feet exposed to pressure as bodies carrying mass body sites are more predisposed to traumas. The scenario is simple: the patient suffering with warts doesn’t wear footwear, extending virus parts. And the one who walks barefoot infects the sites of the foot most carrying gravity.

In process of the growth, plantar warts are exposed to constant influence pressure (walking) that leads to growth of warts inside (to entophytic growth). It happens also so that plural plantar warts accumulate under a false skin surface and become by sight similar to one big wart. As a result named mosaic warts can be difficult to treat because of plurality of the centers of a virus infection.

Flat warts – verruca plana – in most cases settle down on the face, a neck and extremities. Because of the form they don’t possess ceratoid action, and patients are inclined to accept wrongly them for freckles. The sizes of flat warts vary in the majority of typical cases from 2 to 5 mm. Their color also can change from red to brown, however they can keep and corporal color. Physical damage of a wart can cause diffusion of a virus causing them that finally conducts to their growth in considerable quantities.

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