Weight Loss

When The Dream Helps To Grow Thin

Starting struggle against superfluous kgs we are often assured that radical means such as strict diets or playing sports lasting many hours will help us only. A food and physical activity are unconditional – basic things. However thus we at times lose sight of other aspects of our way of life which make considerable impact on successful growing thin. One of such significant moments is the banal dream which, nevertheless, can promote weight reduction.

First, as it is established by scientists during a dream we give the chance to an organism to feel a relaxation and satisfaction, on what it reacts development of a hormone signaling about absence of requirement for food. Thus the regular sleep debt leads to increase in quantity of other hormone which methodically forces us more. To check up it in practice it was possible to everyone – after sleepless night we practically compensate the burdens transferred by an organism and constantly something we chew. And it something in actual fact appears either sweet or high-calorific as easier food does not satisfy appetite. For this reason young mummies often type weight, after all in the first year of life of the kid the chronic sleep debt is an integral part of life of parents. Hence, for satisfaction of requirements of the body it is necessary to provide to yourself a high-grade dream, but thus not to go into extremes and not to try to sleep for ten hours, hoping for influence of a hormone. As have shown researches of the American scientists it is enough to increase duration of a dream for 20-30 minutes to avoid risk of adiposity.

Secondly, in the sleep we involuntarily pass on the breath, which in itself is so useful that is necessary in a basis of some respiratory the technician and the well-known technique of bodyflex. Such breath gives the chance to us to fill blood with the increased portion of oxygen that means faster delivery of all nutrients and vitamins in each cage of an organism and, besides, promotes metabolism improvement. However we can bring to nothing all advantage of diaphragm work if we will go to bed with a full stomach. Numerous appeals of experts to have supper, at least, three hours prior to a dream are not so casual – thanks to the close neighbourhood the stomach and a diaphragm cannot work in parallel with absolute return, that is late (and furthermore, dense) the supper guarantees to you problems both with digestion and with high-grade breath. Recollect how to pant when the eaten portion appears too big. And now present that in the sleep to an organism is even heavier, after all you aspire to curl up or at all to settle on a stomach.

By the way it is one more extremely important detail – for the best work of all systems of an organism it is necessary to sleep on a back and if the supper nevertheless was not too easy on right a side, to give the chance to food to proceed from a stomach in intestines. Certainly, first to sleep on a back it seems difficult, but in addition to a happy stomach you receive a rest back and a healthy complexion. For fine ladies by one more occasion to be accustomed possibility to avoid morning puffiness of the person and early wrinkles on a neck (provided that the pillow will be small) will sleep on a back. Therefore to fans to chew for the night it is necessary to increase gradually time between last food intake and a dream. For those who categorically cannot sleep “next the heart”, the glass of soya milk or warm grassy broth with a tea spoon of honey will be rescue.

It is really surprising that nowadays we live in the world where knowledge quickly enhances the quality of our life. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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