What To Understand As Normal Weight?

And what to understand as normal weight?

Competent experts in this plan defined long ago: they consider that for each person normal is necessary to consider such weight which does not prevent to carry out the biological and social functions. And that`s all. Yes some people whose size of a waist is more than growth can consider that at all of them is perfectly in order. But if they so consider, something is not perfectly in order with their head already, adiposity process has mentioned also a brain which biological function is rational, reasonable and expedient thinking instead of the justification of antisocial behaviour of carrier. After all today obesity is recognised by one of illnesses of the century by having fatal social consequences.
And how all these parametres 90-60-90?

Parametres 90-60-90 are considered classical for women with growth 168. These sizes have removed from one of beautiful statues of the known sculptor. Women growth more low 150 with a size 90-60-90 or modern hangers-models growth under two metres with the same parametres is already almost adiposity in the first case and an obvious exhaustion in the second. In itself these parametres in any way do not reflect a state of health and physical preparation which at the majority of participants of beauty contests with close volumes of hips, a waist and a bust, but growth above 180 sm, is rather weak. Experts have paid to this attention already from the first beauty contests.

And as to formulas “weight = growth in sm – 100 (or 110)” they are very conditional. Well trained, brawny and as a whole physically healthy person never will be entered in these parametres. The matter is that the healthy muscular fabric is heavier the fatty and any fighter, the body builder not having superfluous fat will not correspond to these “norms, and children and girls with flabby muscles in a rebag with fatty layers will assert that at all of them is perfectly in order. Besides these “norms” do not consider so-called constitutional types of addition.

All business in the one who establishes parametres and norms: biologists-physiologists and experts in the field of physical culture or fashion designers-designers and cosmeticians-visagistes and for what purpose. In the first case experts are interested in preservation and strengthening of health of the person that they could carry out the biological and social functions, and in the second – to hide lacks of physical development of people clothes and their display on a skin – cosmetics.

For definition of norm of weight I advise to adhere to the first definition and concerning other parametres of a body it is necessary to tell that for each concrete man and the woman they are very individual and are defined by healthy general sexual appeal to persons of an opposite sex which reflects predisposition to realisation of the basic biological function of the person – to sort prolongation.

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So in a pursuit of abstract parametres of a body and not “norms” of weight peculiar to you try not to lose the individuality, the beauty and the health. Remember as in the Bible it is written: “Not the person for Saturday, and Saturday is for the person”.

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