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What To Drink During A Diet In Order To Reduce The Appetite?

As a rule reflecting on a diet we decide what we can eat and what we shouldn`t. And what about drinks? Do they make impact that occurs to our organism when it gets rid of superfluous kgs, what of them reduce appetite and what do not?
Any liquid arriving in an organism when it is in a severe mode of restriction of food affects processes occurring in it. Also the liquid can promote naturally to growing thin or on the contrary to interfere with it. But if we take care of enough of a liquid which helps an organism to be cleared we fill necessary quantity of vitamins and minerals, and in that case we will faster and easier grow thin.

First of all it is necessary to remember that the quantity of a liquid arriving in an organism should make 1,5 – 2 l a day. As a rule we easily and without reflecting at all drink this volume.
Categorically it is impossible to be fond of the sweet aerated waters – they aren’t useful and during a diet will stir and pollute only your organism. Their mad caloric content we will hold back.

Entering into a diet mode, at once remember a simple rule: drink should anticipate a meal. It is good if before you start a breakfast, a dinner or a supper you drink a glass of water.

Try not to drink water from under the crane, use filters. Even better, buy water from sources and aerated leave for a while after a diet. It is possible to add into water the lemon juice. First, it is an excellent source of vitamin C; secondly, it promotes digestion and intestines clarification. A glass of water with a lemon in the mornings daily during a diet – and you will feel vivacity, ease, inflow of forces. Other juice in various proportions with water also is welcomed. Sometimes happens that juice in the pure state causes too strong response of an organism and in diluted (on a quarter, in half, 2 items of l. Juice on a water glass – for color and taste) they introduce vitamins in an organism and operate more easy.

For such original cocktails it is possible to use various vegetables and fruit but perhaps the tastiest will be orange (even 2 spoons on a water glass), pineapple (50: 50), apple (25: 75), carrot (25: 75).
Berry juices also are good for maintenance of vivacity and an organism tone. The frozen or fresh berries plus water – and you have a magnificent drink of health. You shouldn`t add sugar – enjoy natural taste. The cranberry berry juice will be one of the most useful in case of a diet – it sates with vitamins and reduces appetite.

Mineral water is welcomed but it needs to be chosen depending on the directed action. Attentively read a label and you learn that Essentuki 17 differs from Borzhomi, and then you can define what should be on your table during a diet. Mineral water will allow to concentrate efforts and to help this or that body (as a rule, to a stomach, an intestines, a liver or a pancreas).

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