Weight Loss

What To Do With The Excess Weight? Part 2

Preparation to weight reduction

Try to smooth the experiences concerning excessive completeness and don’t do daily weight balancing. Good appearance and good state of health, instead of digits which appear canopies should be your purpose. Frequent weighing causes unnecessary pressure upon mentality and depressing strain. You will be “pressing yourself”, if begin to forbid everything constantly to yourself so what next. “The forbidden fruit is sweet”, – don’t forget about it.

Only having refused such pressure, you will consult with the attacks of gluttony. If you give up thought: “I shouldn’t eat it ever”, – that desire to eat it such strong and so on. Get rid of pavor before meal and learn to look at it other ways. Overeating secretly, bound to sense of guilt, causes the same negative perception of yourself, as well as hypocrisy when on a visit the person refuses a food and eats one salad, showing that tries to cope with a body weight. For you it should be indifferent that others think of you, you are not obliged to test sense of guilt only because you have excess weight.

Get rid of bored thoughts on diets and think of how to give vent to own individuality. Refuse extreme situations, try to release from pressure upon of any sort and pay all attention to harmony between a body, soul and emotions. Learn about functions of the organism. Knowledge of a food and the processes bound to it that is also very very important. Spiritual life, physical movements, correct breath and ability to be relaxed isn’t less important also. Develop in yourself new habits in meal and behavior and concentrate on internal satisfaction.

How to lose weight?

• Losing weight is your private affair and, except you, it nobody concerns. Plan achievement of own purposes without thinking about what representations have developed at your family, friends or colleagues about you weight. Realize, for whom you are going to reduce in weight.

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• Be prepared internally for changes in your life. Silently be glad in thoughts to that time when you can make for yourselves something useful. The higherprecept, love and respect yourself. It shouldn’t have something in common with self-admiration or egoism. Accustom yourself to the style of life filled with emotions. Remember everyday wisdom which you can repeat in the course of the day hundreds times in the most various situations:

• “It is not meaningful to feel glut in a stomach because of superfluous macaroni “. “It is not meaningful to argue on this theme”. “It is not meaningful…”

• Excessive weight often is a consequence of incorrectly functioning metabolism and an overload of organs. Protect and support your organism, making the ration as more as possible harmoniously. Whenever possible, include in it products with high moisture content. Salads, vegetables, crude products and fruit contain many moisture and potassium that is why it is the ideal precondition for weight reduction and deducing slags from an organism. Before each food intake it makes sense to eat a salad plate.

It is realistic to become slim. Those who are searching for how to do that, should consider HCG. No doubt there is a number of ways to achieve the goal but if you need a natural one, look through HCG diet. This and lots of other related info on HCG can be found on this HCG site.

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