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What To Do With The Excess Weight? Part 1

Many people dreamto be harmonious and beautiful as the model. But whether it is valid a harmonious figure is a pledge of our health and happiness? Isn’t too high demands created by us to our appearance? Is it necessary to live every day under the pressure to look harmonious and beautiful? Whether it won’t be more reasonable to get down from heavens on the earth and to refuse from bad habit to imitate another’s beauty? “Thick to be disgusting. If I was harmonious people would concern to me differently. Only then I would be attractive and pleasant”. Many women who think so without special success change one diet for another.

There is nothing worst and depressive than not to see beauty in own body and furthermore to hate it. Don’t refuse and don’t allow that other people treated you badly. First of all start to love and respect yourself. All people are different. Whether there is a sense to condemn yourself that you are unlike others? We should take out from ourselves stress of these restrictions and concern more tolerantly to ourselves and another and it is the most important thing on our way to success!

All in life has certain sense. Anything in our organism doesn’t occur without any reason. If there is excess weight we for certain feel guilty. If you consider that completeness disturbs to you or spoils your appearance, find out the reasons of its occurrence and eliminate them first of all. But, please, at all don’t do harm to yourself! Treat yourself carefully and circumspectly.

Reduce completeness sources gradually, step by step. Wonder, whether really the meal helps you to solve sincere problems, or you eat to banish pavor and disappointment? Whether there was a meal pleasure which you presume? And can be, you don’t have enough caumesthesia, a recognition, and tenderness? Do you believe that it is possible to satisfy all these requirements at the expense of meal?

Already from children’s age we bind meal to bad or good emotions. Sweets is encouragement, refusal of sweets is punishment. Thus gourmands are brought up. Communication of the pleasant or unpleasant sensations bound to meal that at mature age can become the completeness reason. What place is occupied with meal in your life? To find it out present yourself in different situations. Only so you find out, when and how you eat and why you eat.

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Observe signals of your brain for from it and you receive orders for the behavior. When you have an appetite? When you see, what others eat? When you look advertising on pages of magazines or on the TV? You eat on an old habit – only because have got used during certain time of days to eat something – for example, after a dinner to drink a calyx of coffee with a cake?

How you behave in a buffet? You always eat all up to the end? What feeling you have when you leave meal unfinished? Try to study all it by means of these questions. Be frank and fair with yourself and try to accept the opening such as they are even if they at all don’t impose you. The sense of game in questions-answers consists in comprehension of own actions which will specify you a way to harmonious unity with yourself.

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