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What To Do If I Am Fat? Part 2

Then the doctor analyze my ration (I don’t eat harmful canned food, fast food and sausage, however, useful vegetables, fruit and groats — I don’t eat too), and I receive the task for week. Usual patients after the first visit don’t change the habits, and simply conduct diary where they write down all eaten and drunk for a day. And I have to start doing it already. Coming back to work, I send joyful message to the girlfriend: “I am fat!” — “you got all fat in a breast”, — this is the cheerful answer that I got back from Maria.

Henceforth I don’t eat vegetables — I eat all. Also I eat a lot. My ration is built according to an alimentary pyramid: every day it is necessary to eat certain quantity of vegetables, fruit, milk and starchy products, fiber and fat, and also to drink not less than one and a half liters of water. If you knew, how hardly it is to eat this all! I didn’t eat up! If I carried out norm on fibers, I did not have forces to eat groats, having eaten vegetables, I forgot about milk. However, I can not tell that it is difficult. If to approach to a healthy food as to a quest and to type necessary quantity of portions as keys and a coin, even to battle to monsters it is not necessary — the feeling of hunger at me was gone, apparently, for ever.

On the second employment we have succeeded with analyze: with a liquid it became better, hardly is it less than fat, truly, with muscular mass the progress isn’t present. I admitted that portions to me not on forces and we have corrected the purposes. The next test which characterizes me as “the convenient consumer», “night eater” and new control points.

Don’t think that I have forgotten about going in for sports and doing some exercises. I simply didn’t find on it forces all first week. But in the second I simply couldn’t stop! I have an attachment which it is possible to play, really swinging a sword or boxing. How many I have chopped enemies for these days! “Certainly, vegetables and groats have given me energy! I, as some smoker whom after quitting on smoking have suddenly felt smells of colors, tasty meal, and air after a thunder-storm. I became more vigorous, more cheerful. In the evenings I don’t sit any more in an armchair as the doomed vegetable, I eat these vegetables. And then I go in for sports, I read, I write. I normally wake up, instead of as usual, with thought that life is changing for better now.

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And yes, I have lost weight. Judging by clothes and my measurements.

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