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What To Do If I Am Fat? Part 1

“The doctor enters my data into the computer, presses enter and looks at me regretfully” …

I am fat. And I even got the inquiry of it. Here two weeks of experiment have practically turned my life out. The purpose of my experience — is vegetables. The sense of eating only balanced food, plus doing exercises. The matter is that in my world salad is not meal. For me to interrupt hunger with apple is a torture. After an apple I can eat a pig. Certainly, all these years I understood that it is wrong. Also I did shy attempts to include in the ration salad and avocado. But in a root to change relations with meal has dared only within the limits of our experiment.

So, the first day. For a dinner I order vegetable soup, for a supper I cook a cauliflower. It is edible, certainly… after all usually I go to bed not earlier than midnight and I feel terrible already at ten o’clock in the evening. And I feel terrible hunger.

For the second day of experiment the people in white dressing gowns twice passed by me: at first one woman and then the whole small group. I have thought that it is a sign; therefore I have decided to continue experiment under control of the doctor. I go to the dietitian. Shortly having stated the purposes and problems and having warned that for all I have two weeks, I expected to receive the general references: all the same I am going not to lose weight. However the doctor undertakes me seriously: measures a waist and hips, weight and growth (“All just fine!”), and then stacks on a couch.

The special device similar to an electrocardiogram, considers, how many fatty tissues presented in my organism, extracellular and intracellular water and muscles. The doctor enters all my data into the computer, presses “result” and looks at me with doubt. Then enters once again, again enter, looks with sympathy.

The printer spits out the inquiry according to which in me it is more than 10 percent of fat and it is more than necessary, — on 10 less than muscular mass and very poorly extracellular liquid.

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Let’s work”, — the doctor gets the Dutch questionnaire of alimentary behavior. With its help the doctor can defined, because of what the person eats not properly. I have failed on all three parameters. It is wrong:

– alimentary behavior (I can chew something for the company with pleasant people), and still — restrictive alimentary behavior (it means that, knowing about the love to meal, I constantly stop myself and as a result — I fast or eat all of that!). So what do we get next?

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