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What Should You Eat If You Are Overweight? “Right” Foods Will Help You To Lose Weight.

This day has come at last! The last minutes of your working day are passing and you are going for a vocation in a few minutes! The working day is over, you are beside yourself with joy and hurrying up top leave the close office and to give yourself to the blissful idleness. You are flying down from stairs and it seems that nothing can darken your happiness. You do not know yet that some a villain has hung a big mirror in the lobby of your office building. And here is that ill-fated mirror, it is standing on your way to happiness, you are staying and with fear looking intently at your image where you can see not only your face. Yes, fat has been saved in the most unexpected parts of your body. The first thing that comes to your mind is that you must refuse from all foods at least for a month, better for two months! The mind is reasonable of course, but fat is fat, but anyway you will want to eat. But what can you eat, while it is better not eat at all?

Let’s start with the foods that you must not eat at all. You have to take sugar, jams, candies and farinaceous foods away from your ration. People with the tendency to corpulence also shouldn’t consume fat milk, sour cream, fat and processed cheeses, mayonnaise, sausages and fried foods. Many think that a ban for fat means that you can not eat suet and bread with butter, you are right actually, but you also should know that for example a glass of sour cream or two sausages contain as much fats as a piece of butter contains, and oil contain 20-30% of fats more than that butter.

A person who does not do a hard physical work, needs 2000 calories a day. One gramme of fat contains 9 large calories, one gramme of alcohol contains 7 large calories, one gramme of protein or carbohydrate contains 4 large calories, so buy a calculating machine and go ahead: to count calories.

Having problems with overweight, you have to consume more such foods like vegetables and fruits (preferably not sweet), ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, horseradish, low-fat fish such like cod, Alaska pollack, flounder and hunchback salmon. You can drink natural juices that do not contain sugar, prefer juices made of grapefruit, pineapple and lemon. Kiwi fruit decomposes fats very well, and the same can be said about citrus plants, and the most useful their part is not juicy pulp, but inner white coat, so it is better to eat citrus plants with peel. But do not eat bananas, they promote weight gaining. Boiled and baked (not fried) potato stimulates decomposition of fats. There are even useful smells especially vanilla, lemon, orange, they lower appetite and fight with food neurosis.

The most valuable food for people with the tendency to corpulence, is sauerkraut, laminaria, cranberries and cowberries. Onion and garlic can be named as champions on burning fat. Cellulose and bran are very useful too. Among alcohol beverages you can drink dry red wine only.

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