What Is The Fitness?

This magic word fitness in literal sense is translated from English as “suitability” or “conformity”. We not seldom meet in English language such expression as To be fit, let’s recollect school days and we will translate into Ukrainian – “to be in shape”. We will try to quote nobody and we will result some definitions. To begin with that such Improving Fitness? We speak not abstruse words that all have understood. Improving fitness are trainings no more than 2-3 times a week, for maintenance of the general tone for an organism.

As there is a concept as the General fitness is first of all aspiration of the person to trainings. For certain many notice behind themselves breaks between trainings. If you pass trainings often enough and not always have time to train regularly, means you unequivocally concern this type of the people training in a category the General fitness. In many scientific books about fitness basically write boring and not the necessary terms which not under force to understand to the simple person as you of just in case that nobody to offend! But we will tell so, to this heading pertinently to add the term «positive health». It is possible to tell about the people who are engaged in the general fitness.

What is the Physical fitness? Physical fitness are qualitative and regular trainings. Here many start to learn themselves. Fine! Such training is considered the most effective. Here employment chosen by you for example in aerobic or an exercise room, pass not less than 4 times a week. Many engaged ask often why they have dumped certain quantity of weight and further any shifts does not occur? Then it is found out that the person goes 2-3 times a week on trainings. From here is answer: to increase to 4 times. But further certainly the approach should be strictly individual.
Frequent trainings allow to see a difference not only in weight, but also to feel ease in an everyday life, so it is possible to name in a word – health.

What can we advise at the first stages?
1. Trainings with the burdenings, the energies directed to development and increase in muscular weight.
2. The aerobic trainings directed on development of endurance and weight reduction.
3. Flexibility training and coordination.
4. Formation of culture of a food and a healthy way of life.
5. A vivacity charge in the company of the trainer-instructor.

The closest, but the concept “physical training”, or “the physical culture”, incorrectly associating at many with lessons at school, instead of with health and longevity will be far not identical to concept “fitness” in Ukrainian. As, there is a fitness as the kind of the sports which have appeared rather recently within the limits of competitive bodybuilding.

If you wish to be engaged seriously in the health or a figure, the form or active trainings, fitness People of Fitness advises magazine not to put off, and to go to fitness club right now.

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