What For I Should Be Engaged In Fitness?

To answer this question it is necessary to write out “pluses” and “minuses” of your actions in two columns. What expenses of time, forces, energy, money be required from you for ultimate goal achievement? In alternative opposite to each minus write down positive, good, the best, desired that you get finally. If you are assured that there are pluses more than minuses it means you are ready to cope with your trainings in a constructive channel. And, having received even the minimum positive result, you will be ready to rise on the following step of your advancement, and having mastered it, further, on following, etc.

The big error is absence of psychological work on yourself, and, as a rule, full chaos in a head. Without the analytical relation to the actions it will be difficult to you to motivate yourself and to reach results and consequently, to have satisfaction.

Change of the person is long enough process, also passes some stages of development proceeding different time. And, in the course of own change in the acts and thoughts, people periodically come back back, in the initial conditions, as though slowing down approach of a new stage of own development (change). All it occurs until the fact of your action does not become realised and does not leave on the foreground of your requirements. Therefore your actions, will be, it is natural to pass some stages:

Plan origin (for example, it is necessary to be engaged in the health);
Directly plan (a choice of a concrete place, for example, a sports hall);
Preparation (sportswear purchase, updating of collateral affairs, the message to relatives about the decision);
Action (directly arrival to a sports hall).
These four stages should be passed. Unfortunately, many and remain at this stage; visiting all a quantity of employment, they do the big breaks and, as a result, again repeatedly come back in a hall, thus remaining all at the same first step. To leave on the second level, i.e. to remain in a hall, it is necessary to analyse the reasons of fading of your desire to train. To write out them on a leaf in a column and on the contrary everyone to write alternative. For example, the reasons can be the following (they far do not settle all list, but serve as an example).

I feel awkwardly, I hesitate, then you should reduce situation dramatisation, to come into contacts to people, to develop emotional sphere;
Muscular discomfort (muscles are ill) – you should find out the reason, to understand, why it occurs, to wait before adaptation, to develop stability to стрессорам;
The trainer is not pleasant – to develop the positive relation to the world and to accept other people;
Ostensibly absence of a free time for trainings – development of independence, autonomy, a self-trust and acceptance of;
The other reasons actually having character of excuses – to find out that costs on the first place, besides fitness, to return to the reason of arrival to a hall, to allocate the importance of own values.

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