What For I Need Fitness?

Here some assumptions. On how much from them you will answer “yes”? So much will be at you the reasons to choose for yourself fitness.

Disgust for advertising: such women as they show, in a life simply do not happen!
The important reality situations (when it is necessary to make impression!) you always think how to turn, rise, sit down, to appear in the most advantageous foreshortening.
You have frequent and unmotivated change of moods.
On travel, in holiday your soul asks an extreme, everything aspires to examine and try, to walk till the morning – and a body, hardly moving feet, strives to lie down and have a rest.
Your mood spoils in store fitting rooms.
You go on the third floor by the lift.
You has now thought still at least of three important reasons for you …
And this list can be continued indefinitely – because each modern person who is spoilt by a civilisation and not working physically is obligatory to take care of the own life!
The fact: In the end of the XX-th century in America the problem of excess weight and the illnesses connected with it has passed from health sphere in sphere economic: it has been counted up that this problem takes away from the state of ten millions dollars annually because of frequent indispositions of workers. The special Presidential Council which was engaged in propagation of a healthy way of life, and many corporations among which Johnson&Johnson, Xerox, General Motors, has switched on obligatory employment by fitness in the arch of corporate standards has been created.

And you will wait for presidential decrees to take care of the own life?

The human body is created for movement is the fact. Today we have everything to move as less as possible and at home, and on work is too the fact. We have control panels all than it is possible, and even the teapot is switched off!
But the human reason is a force: having thought up everything not to do superfluous movements, the reason has invented an occasion to move – and to take pleasure! It is fitness.

“… to become more harmonous!!” – will answer 9 of 10 women
Secret (or obvious) dream of any woman is a correct a figure. To grow thin here, to tighten there …

The laziest or occupied prefer to manage diets which the extreme quantity is thought up. However, even if to avoid harm for health – purely cosmetic effect will be doubtful. The kgs lost by painful deprivations will return quickly and even in bigger quantity.


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The fatty fabric is not an annoying error of the nature, it is necessary to an organism as a reserve stock of energy, it saves heat, protects from traumas, participates in synthesis of some hormones and is the carrier of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, Е, To.

Therefore the organism always resists to our desire to get rid of stocks which seem us superfluous.

Obviously distance running can help a lot with the general fitness and health of your body. So, if you are interested in the runners training guide or distance running workouts information – please visit this site.

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