What Do You Want From Fitness?

That do you want from fitness? A little bit to grow thin? Or you expect to transform yourselves into magnificent erotic model? In any case to train to you is necessary according to plan. It should be foreknown then not to show to fitness of claims. Remember, the success is brought by regular and consecutive trainings! In other words, fitness is not a hobby in which are engaged under mood. The passed training is a step back.

As though fine you have given all the best in any day, the end result develops purely statistically from among the trainings spent by you. The one who trained 100 times looks better than the one who has mastered only 50 trainings. It is necessary to tell that business is not only in quantity but also in intensity of trainings.

The arithmetic set of trainings demands the firm plan, after all to do breaks longer one – one and a half weeks is impossible (differently then readout it is necessary to make a fresh start). In fitness there are no age and other restrictions, therefore put before yourself the most courageous problems. Remember, here you should not doubt what you need only – to want one! Really! Before tachycardia! To a lump in a throat! Know, in fitness any purpose is achievable and with each training it becomes closer!

At a starting stage it will be ideal to “let out” the plans to the friends. It will cross out all ways back. To surrender before term to you it will be a shame.

To set for yourself a problem does not mean yet to solve it. Probably, you more than once and not two unsuccessfully tried to begin a new sports life. What to you has prevented? Yes – yes why you have thrown fitness? Try to understand. Otherwise you have every chance again to attack the same rake. The reasons, most likely, it will be typed a little. Try to discuss them with the friend who is engaged for a long time already in fitness. How she has solved similar problems?

You heard, as if it is necessary to spend time a lot of time for fitness, and you simply do not have this time. Actually so-called supporting trainings with effect of improvement take away approximately 3 hours per week – on an hour on training. If you have to change a figure, it is necessary to train 4 times a week. Minutes 40-45 will leave on aerobics and more half an hour on training apparatus. By the way, it is possible to replace aerobics with morning jog and then the day campaign in an exercise room will keep within an hour (with disguise and a shower).

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