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What Do We Eat?

Many our illnesses arise because of the excessive consumption of Saccharin. And dependence from sweet is similar narcotic. How to be protected from these troubles, without having lost thus possibility to indulge yourself something sweet?

In old times the person was healthy, strong and veins on the earth. It lasted exactly until the people didn’t begin to think out the different blessings of a civilization. Saccharin and other concentrated alimentary additives are just from those great openings.

That the person can get to dependence on sweets is the proved fact. Moreover, scientists assert that to similar feeling there is a genetic predisposition. Also those (predispositions) happen in different kinds. In a word, not everything is so simple. But if attentively to look narrowly at a problem it becomes clear.

To begin with it we will survey the mechanism of mastering sweet by an organism, that is carbohydrate nutrition. Under the influence of different enzymes and hormones it is quickly split in digestive organs to a glucose condition. The special hormone – insulin which is developed by a pancreas watches its entering in an organism. As soon as the glucose molecule appears in a blood, it contacts it and “accompanies” to so-called achrestic tissues – to a liver and muscles. In it is postponed in the form of a glycogen – basic biological “fuel” for cells. It is if the person healthy and also eats normally and no more. And what, if the person chronically overeats? Here you, for example, remember how frequently it is that you having got home after the working day overloaded with emotions sit down at table and start to eat everything greedily?

It is that while some people go in for sports and pump the muscles, hundreds of other people “pump” at this time their pancreas which overstrains, producing insulin to clean the rests of glucose from a blood. It is not surprising that this organ, finally, starts to be enlarged in size and loses sensitivity. And it is not jokes any more. The organism enters into a condition of prediabetes of the second type and a metabolic syndrome. For such people adiposity is the only result. Cellular immunity, as a rule, decreases, therefore infections overcome much faster. And you for certain know about cardiovascular diseases – on their share gets the lion’s share of lethal diagnoses.

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Certainly, the organism has provided “emergency system” evacuations of excess of glucose from a blood. It, instead of a glycogen passes in fat acids, and those, over open sights go in “depot on a spare track” that is to fatty tissues. In this situation the person gets fat in the face of, though a sweet portion eaten usually is not big. There is an occasion to be surprised: and why we get fat so much because of it?

According to the dietarian, sweet goes directly to fatty tissues, as a rule, if the person eats many easy carbohydrates – products made with addition of that granulated sugar or its substitutes. Unlike natural Saccharin (fructose, sucrose, Sorbitum, starch) which contain in fresh fruit and berries, easy carbohydrates begin splitting in a mouth. The glucose gets to a blood flow, so to say, from tongue, and forces pancreatic to develop insulin. There is very fast saturation.

It is realistic to lose weight. Those who are searching for how to do that, should introduce themselves to HCG. Of course there is a number of ways to reach the goal but if you require a natural one, review HCG diet. This and much other additional info on HCG can be found on this HCG site.

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