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What Do Dieticians Hide From Us?

The most widespread recommendation about weight reduction is to eat more often but small portions. It is a unique phrase which we remember among set of the advices given to us. We remember but we do not follow this simple advice arguing so that you will be still hungry eating the small portions and the number of the eaten calories all the same will be identical, therefore it is better to eat one – twice a day but a lot of food. Therefore we also don’t dump weight and quite often only we type without thinking at all what is really necessary for an organism.

But dieticians for some reason don’t say to us that the break between food intakes shouldn’t exceed five hours. After the lapse of this time the organism should receive food. Food intake should be carried out regularly that the organism knew that meal enough and didn’t accumulate fat for emergency. Without having received from our dieticians of this advice we try to eat as seldom as possible and as less as possible. We try to refuse a supper motivating with that it is impossible to eat after six, we try to avoid dinners. In this situation our organism in five hours starts to sound alarm and to reserve fats. And consequently, when after long hours of starvation the food arrives, the organism tries to take from it a maximum of calories. It thinks that it is necessary not only to provide itself with energy now but also to postpone a little on then.

People with a normal metabolism do not have such problems but it is necessary for the people inclined to completeness to consider this strangeness of an organism. Therefore it is important to give food regularly in order it has ceased to develop fats.

It is simply enough to eat more often three times a day, simply to have a bite before food intakes. Remember, how in the childhood parents forbade to suffice meal before a dinner, motivating with that appetite will deteriorate? So today we solve absolutely opposite question as this appetite all the same to spoil. Therefore it is not obligatory to think out any new diet, it is simple enough for two hours before meal to eat some sandwiches, an apple, tea or coffee.

Eating thus, we calm an organism and simultaneously we reduce feeling of hunger. After all that hunger which arises after many hours of starvation forces us to eat much more food than it is necessary.

Optimum time for a breakfast is 7-9 o’clock in the morning. According to daily rhythms of an organism at this time active energy settles down in a stomach. It is very useful to execute some exercises or any homework before a breakfast. It is not necessary to sit down at once from bed a table as an internal hasn’t time to wake up.

After a healthy dream the organism is full of strength, therefore the breakfast should be a lung. An ideal variant is fruit, vegetables, carbohydrate food (a potato, rice, porridges). It is not necessary to pass a breakfast as with the first food intake the metabolism becomes more active, and excess weight, accordingly, starts to be dumped.

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During the day energy for active physical is required to an organism and cerebration, therefore as a dinner will accept porridges rich with carbohydrates with vegetable salad, fruit. The best time for a dinner is 13-15 o’clock.

As to a supper time it is better an interval between 18 and 20 o’clock. Last food intake should consist of the products rich with fiber, and vegetable salads. In the evening the organism restores the damaged fabrics and fiber is the core building material.

It is really surprising that right now we are living in the world where information makes life easier. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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