Weight Loss

What Can Be The Cause Of Weight Gain?

1. Augmentation in volume of fatty cells.

Person is born and dies with strictly constant quantity of fatty cells. Their quantity is set to us genetically and we can’t neither lower nor add number of these cells without a surgical intervention. We only enlarge or we reduce their volume, nothing more.

Excessive fat. This problem is not purely cosmetic. In places of fatty adjournment is broken lymphoma circulation, fatty cells expand, squeezing vessels, blocking access to nutrients and interfering with a conclusion of toxins and products of an exchange from an organism. Here to you the dietarian will come to help. They will help to correct a daily ration, having calculated it from your basic exchange which will be calculated for you. Will pick up individual food program that will help you to get rid of superfluous fat.

2. Liquid augmentation in an organism.

The liquid can be intracellular, extracellular – a blood (plasma, erythrocytes), a lymph; and the liquids which are in our organism in the bound condition (in edemas of tissues). Having passed diagnostics, it is possible to define precisely in what limits of norm or a deviation there is that or other liquid.

What it will give to us:

At a blood disadvantage there is metabolism retardation. Drinking a larger quantity of water, and having connected in a food allowance products fluidifying a blood, normalize quantity of blood, having enlarged metabolic processes and having improved a blood condition.

At quantity of a blood there is more than norm, there is a big load on heart, it should pass through larger quantity of a blood that strongly reduces term of its “use”. Having reduced water consumption we reduce a load by heart and accordingly weight also decreases.

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The overabundance of this water above norm frames puffinesses in tissues that accordingly enlarge your weight. At a delay of this liquid above norm process of fat burning is braked. Also it is possible to do corresponding conclusions about work of kidneys, hearts, a thyroid gland … the expert will pick up a corresponding medical diet and necessarily diuretics.

Edemas can cause difficulties in work of heart and kidneys. Each superfluous gram of salt before leaving an organism will keep 100 ml of water. Accordingly, 10 grams of salt will detain 1 l, and it will provide a weight increase on 1 kg. For the inquiry: 10 grams of salt contain in 50 grams of dried fish.

It is necessary to care of water drinking for washing away surplus of salt. If your weight is suddenly enlarged that day when you have very little eaten, it means that you have accepted too much salt. Refrain from reception of salt within one day and drink as much as possible water to raise manufacture of urine and to get rid of an increase in weight.

It is possible to count, how many water it is necessary for you a day. For this purpose increase the weight in kgs by 30 milliliters. For example, if you weigh 63 kg, for a day you should drink almost 2 l of water, and it approximately 9 glasses.

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