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What Are The Differences Of The Best Diets?

When I start to reconsider various diets, I am surprised with their quantity. I can not understand why so many people suffer from overweight if there are so many programs for losing weight? But the reason as always is simple – there are effective diets and inefficient diets. Of course the majority of diets are inefficient. I understand it is difficult to keep believing that one day you will find the right diet for you and I want to show you one subtlety which distinguishes the most effective diets from the others.

Let’s begin with the fact that the most effective diets have only one purpose – to dispose of superfluous fat. I have not opened a secret, truly? And as we remember, fat in our body is the energy that we haven’t spent.

Where do we get this energy from? From food that contains fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Thus received proteins, basically, are spent for construction of cells and tissues, and fats and carbohydrates give 90 percent of this energy.

Considering the written above, in many diets consumption of food rich with carbohydrates, including sweet and farinaceous foods, is limited. Because it was proved very long time ago – excessive consumption of farinaceous foods and sweets is connected with gaining weight.

It was explained simply. A body, having no possibility to save carbohydrates, transforms them to fat. As a matter of fact, all stock of carbohydrates is settled by 60-80 grammes in a liver and approximately such quantity in muscles.

But, scientists started studying this process, they found out that carbohydrates passed in fat only at very large consumption at once. It is about 300-500 or 0.5 kg of sugar. Can you eat so much within an hour? Of course you can not. And such things usually do not happen in life.

Therefore, we can make a conclusion that our body under usual conditions does not use carbohydrates for fat construction, and prefers to burn them. That’s why diets that limit farinaceous foods and sweets seldom lead to losing weight.

With the first energy source we have understood. Let’s talk about the second source – fats.

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And recently I have found very interesting researches which results show the tie between fat and adiposity. I will not describe the research, because in this case the article will be very long. But I wil share the result with you.

Speaking in short, in these results the direct tie between consumption of fat and overweight is accurately shown. I.e. the more fat the food you eat contains, the more weight you can gain. And this tie is much stronger, than the similar between overweight and carbohydrates.

Probably, it is connected with the fact that fat is a unique form of accumulating energy. And if you body can not save much carbohydrates in liver and muscles, but it can save kilograms of fat. There is enough “space” for fat in your body.

From all written above there is a conclusion that the most effective diets first of all are aimed at restriction of products rich with animal and vegetative fats. And it is necessary to limit carbohydrates only in the case if the restriction of consumed fats in food does not lead to losing weight. It also distinguishes the most effective diets from the others.

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