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Weight Reduction: Healthy Life Style.

Whether there are such products which can make you more strongly, more vigorously or hardy? There is an opinion that a series of substances – starting from bee pollen and up to sprouted wheat – possesses really magic force. For many years sportsmen, trainers and even some scientists attributed to fibers property to bring force and preferred a diet rich with fibers and almost not containing carbohydrates. Actually the majority of products which attribute properties to enlarge force and improving the physical data don’t promote to it. Moreover, it is frequent “magic meal” at all doesn’t meet the requirements of dietology and is necessary in small amounts.

It is fair and for fibers. As muscles consist of fibers, your requirement for them, even in case of very intensive program of trainings, doesn’t exceed that quantity which contains in well balanced diet, – approximately the fourth-fifth part from the general caloric content of a ration.

More often products rich with fibers contain as well many fats.

Opinion: a significant amount of fibers supplies with additional energy enlarges muscular mass and promotes improvement of quality of training process. Proofs of it aren’t present. It is necessary for sportsmen only hardly more fibers than to citizens conducting a sedentary life. Muscles don’t wear out at their “use”, even on the contrary – accrue, therefore there is no necessity for superfluous fibers for their restoration, but enough is necessary for tonus maintenance. For this purpose will suffice 100-150 grams of some pure fiber to women and 200-300 grams to men, the larger quantity simply won’t be claimed. And here for people that adhere to strict diet it is necessary to pay attention to a condition of the muscular mass – it quite often “burns down” at amino-acid starvation on carbohydrate (for example, vegetable) diets.

Fibers in comparison both with carbohydrates and with fats are an insignificant energy source; they are used by an organism only when the stock of carbohydrates and easily accessible fats is exhausted. Fibers are non effective fuel.

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1 gram of squirrel gives to an organism just the same quantity of energy as 1 gram of carbohydrates, and hardly more than it is twice less than gives 1 gram of fat. Fibers are effective and useful fuel of “fast action” as they aren’t postponed in fatty depot.

Application of additives with amino acids improves physical indicators and promotes augmentation of muscular mass. Amino acids are bricks of which fiber molecules are constructed. And it is valid, against enough effective trainings additional reception of amino acids in the form of sports cocktail or separate preparations can lead to some improvement of work out results. But superfluous consumption of separate amino acids can lead to calcium loss, gout, disturbances of a metabolism, illness of kidneys and organism dehydration. Moreover, acceptance of one certain amino acid can prevent mastering of other amino acid, vital for an organism. So independently choosing such preparations is dangerous.

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