Weight Loss

Weight Reduction: Evening Overeating Part 2

The problem is in that level лептина increases in blood gradually, and food is eaten quickly. And while level лептина slowly grows in blood, the person is capable to eat much more that is necessary for it.

Differently, if you overeat and can’t stop – it is not necessary to abuse yourself for fieriness. Your overeating is caused by the low maintenance of leptine in blood therefore hypothalamus doesn’t give a command about satiety approach. And what sense to abuse yourself for normal behavior of hormonal system…

You after all don’t abuse yourselves for palpitation acceleration when walk upstairs. You after all don’t abuse yourselves that in hot day the body becomes covered then. All this action of hormones about which it is necessary to know you should use simply this knowledge for your own advantage.

If you want to avoid overeating it is possible to use the various ways, allowing prolonging food intake time – a repeated chewing, slow meal, breaks in the course of change of dishes etc. The prolong food intake, the less you will eat till the increase moment of leptine in blood (i.e. till the moment of approach of satiety).

But the main reception which will allow to avoid an overeating is that you should by all means not to suppose feeling of hunger, using for this purpose a breakfast, a lunch and a having a snack during the day.

Also it is the second paradox of losing weight: contrary to popular beliefs, hunger – prevents to dump weight since inevitably leads to level reduction of leptine hormone in blood, so and to the subsequent overeating.

Losing weight without starvation is something that should remember everyone who wants to lose body mass. It is necessary to learn to dump weight so that not to starve. You should dump weight with comfort.

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For many people psychologically tormented with starvations and diets, it seems impracticable – “How it is possible to lose weight with comfort?” – They are surprised – “… After all, losing weight demands infinite moral efforts and absolute ruthlessness to yourself!…”

And meanwhile comfortable losing weight is a unique way to find symmetry.

Any other way – starvations, diets, exhaustion on trainings etc. will lead only to personal crisis because of physical impossibility to continue these actions long time.

Comfortable losing is the only way to lose weight and to gain a pleasant body appearance. This reduction of the food behavior to norm is a healthy pleasant way of life at which the harmonious sports body is natural result of your everyday life. So what you should do is not skipping breakfast as it is the most important meal in your entire food ration in a day.

It is absolutely realistic to lose weight. Those who are looking for how to do that, should introduce themselves to HCG. No doubt there is a bulk of ways to achieve the goal but if you require a natural one, review HCG diet. This and much other related info on HCG can be found on this HCG site.

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