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Weight Reduction: Evening Overeating Part 1

While losing weight there are a lot of paradoxes and one of them consists in that to lose weight sometimes it is necessary to eat even if it would not be desirable.

Usually it concerns morning hours, i.e. a breakfast which many stout persons pass.

It is often possible to see such picture.

The stout person without having eaten since the morning, half-day stays with an empty stomach and secretly rejoices: “Here is how I am doing! I am perfect without efforts I do not eat, it is possible to tell, I starve! And of course, I lose weight!

However already by a dinner the feeling of hunger is getting really strong, as a result the person starts to eat and can’t stop till the night any more. The person with horror realizes quantity eaten and starts to feel even worse.

Therefore…, waking up since morning and without feeling of hunger, the person with pleasure understands that it seems the fine way is found to dump consequence of a yesterday’s gluttony – it is necessary to eat less simply today.

Therefore he or she hasn’t breakfast, stays with an empty stomach till a dinner and secretly rejoices that “I absolutely without serious consequences starve and thus, of course, I lose weight.”

But by a dinner the feeling of hunger getting really high and you eat everything in the evening…

In general, all it repeats day by day, from year to year. As a result of such extremely non-uniform food the weight only increases.

Conclusion: evening overeating is a consequence of a non-uniform food within days.

And since evening overeating in most cases also becomes the reason of a set of weight, we can assert that excess weight is a consequence of a non-uniform food within days.

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For disposal of excess weight it is necessary to pass to a uniform food ration.

Sometimes simply enough to start to eat in the mornings (a breakfast and a lunch), and excess weight will start to leave.

It, of course, seems strange. “How it can be?”, – someone can ask – “If I overeat breakfast and lunch in addition only will increase quantity of the eaten…”

Actually the paradox consists in that breakfast and lunch addition reduces total eaten for days. Breakfast and lunch addition (i.e. a having a snack at 10:00 – 11:00 hours) allows to get rid of an overeating.

Conclusion: in no event it is impossible to suppose feeling of hunger since hunger provokes the subsequent overeating.

Is the feeling of hunger is dangerous? The feeling of hunger causes fall in blood of level of a leptine hormone. Leptine is a voice of a fatty fabric – the hormone, which influence on hypothalamus causes sensation of satiety.

At starvation level of leptine in blood decreases, and the sensation of satiety disappears, as a result the person starts to absorb food. And the person absorbs food until level of leptine won’t increase to norm.

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