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Weight Loss Without Exercise – Is It Really Possible?

Actually, you can lose weight without any physical workouts. But you should understand that it is not going to be fast. And this will not help you to lose weight on a long term basis.

In fact, you will be putting on more weight because you will consume more calories than your body can burn. To shed some excess pounds, you should burn more calories than you eat through doing physical workouts. Or you should eat less calories than your body can burn. If you combine diet and physical workouts it will be easier for you to lose weight more effectively.

If you want to lose weight on a permanent basis you will need to change the amount of food that you consume and the level of regular workouts. Following just a diet without doing strenuous workouts will slow down your metabolic rate and will make you burn fewer calories. This is the reason for why many dieters hit a weight loss plateau after a couple of weeks. This is a reason why you should include physical workouts in your weight loss plan.

Nonetheless, it may seem challenging for many people. They find an excuse that they are short of time to do those exercises on a regular basis. Some people have a health condition that does not allow them to do those physical workouts. Weight loss will affect your health in the most favourable way, so stick to a diet plan that will work for your situation. Here you can see 2 easy steps that will help you achieve weight loss without physical workouts.

Step 1
Start by getting to know how many calories your body requires to function normally. You can easily calculate how many calories you consume per day through the internet. Many websites include charts also involve charts to show you a close calculation of the number of calories your body needs per day depending on your weight and height. If you are consuming more calories than this you will be able to lose weight without strenuous physical workouts.
Step 2
When you have calculated an amount of calories that your body needs, then you can do a simple calculation to make out how to shed some excessive pounds. There are about 3,500 calories in 1 lb of meal. So, if you were able to eat 3,500 calories less every week than you are currently consuming, you would lose 1 lb. You will need to consume 500 calories less per day in a week.

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Nonetheless, make sure that the amount of calories that you eat per day is not less than the amount of calories you require as you have read in Step 1. Do not reduce below the suggested level as that is not favourable for your body. You will not be able to keep that kind of diet for long. It is recommended to reduce your pounds slowly over a specific period of time. Extreme low calorie diets will slow down your metabolic rate in a longer period of time and will also slow down your weight loss.

So, as you see that weight loss is possible without any physical workouts, but it is not an effective weight loss approach. A combination of workouts along with a healthy diet plan you will be able to attain better results and quicker!

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