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The stout person aspiring to lose weight while ascending on balances every time hopes to see there the smaller digits than the day before. If these digits big, inevitably we get a bad mood, despair, charge of in lack of will and weak character.

And failure is possible also. Thoughts are like these: well here, all is vain, nothing will help me. I know that very many stopped successful, in general treatment only because once again their weight didn’t decrease. So not to be disappointed very often person subordinates all activity of an overall objective – to see weight reduction. The person refuses from a liquid, avoids great volumes of nutrition even if it is vegetables, meal is only with low-calorie content. Also that is absolutely already inadmissible, applies diuretic and purgative. That is does all that, or in any way doesn’t promote losing weight or directly with it interferes.

At once I will tell, two situations are essentially possible:

In spite of the fact that the fatty mass decreases or, at least, doesn’t grow, our user at weighing sees weight augmentation. The fatty mass hasn’t decreased or has decreased rather slightly whereas balances show decent result. Clearly, as in the first and in the second case the person will be disoriented that further can lead to incorrect conclusions and incorrect actions. Therefore, both weighing procedure and interpreting of result is a thing rather serious. While approaching to them you should possess special knowledge and skills. So, let’s consider some moments.

The most important thing:

We weigh not fat mass, but lump of the object placed on balances, including the water saved up in tissues, bladder contents, intestine contents, weight of clothes and other things. For example, one my patient was weighed together with a pistol. It is clear that, having taken it out, he “has in a flash grown thin” on one and a half kg. Even at very competently and qualitatively picked up regimen of weight reduction of fatty mass seldom exceeds one kg a week. Therefore, if you for a day have lost the whole kg it is not necessary to think that all this kg was only fat. And on the contrary, if for a day you have typed kg, don’t despair, because typing for a day one kg of fat is almost impossible.

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Within days the weight of the person fluctuates, and these fluctuations make 1-3 kgs. They are bound to food intakes and waters, an intestine and bladder emptying, liquid loss at breath and a diaphoresis.

Very many problems happen are bound to balances. The majority of household balances provide accuracy no more than kg. Results of weighing pore depend on your position on a platform of balances, whether you stand on one foot, or on two. If you want to eliminate these errors, choose the balances providing accuracy at least of an order of 100 grams. It is better.

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