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Weight Loss Success Tips – Myth Vs Fact

If you are reading this article, then you are concerned with your weight and would like to shed some extra pounds. And if you searched for weight loss information, you have already noticed that it is difficult to find the best one. Some diet plans require from you eating less calories, so that you will lose weight more effectively. And some dietician state that not the amount of calories that you eat influence your weight gain, but what you eat. And there are also those that consider physical exercises to be much more important in any weight loss. There are many myths and facts, how to find the truth?

Weight Loss Tips – Myth #1 – Consume less calories. Well, it is true that burning more calories than you eat will make you lose weight, but how long it will last? The body is smarter than we think and it gets used to the food that what we give it. If you feed it 2000 calories per day, it will use them all. If you reduce that to 1500 calories per day, you will lose weight for some time, but suddenly your metabolic rate will become slowed down and you will burn only 1500 calories per day. And it will become even worse, when you come back to previous amount of calories to be burnt. You will put on any weight you lost and some extra because it takes much longer to increase your metabolism than it does to slow it down.

There is one interesting article in Marie Claire. This is about different women. They ate definite amount of calories, the data of their height and weight were included. It is an interesting fact, but the amount of calories consumed during the day did not correlate with women’s weight. Of course, I am not trying to say that you should eat as much calories as you want, you just need to do smarter choices.

Weight Loss Success Tips – Myth #2 – Avoid Fat Free Foods! Avoid fat free foods. Bear in mind that if fat is removed, something else is put instead. And it is often a mixture of chemicals and sugar. This is not favourable combination because sugar adds more calories and the chemicals make it difficult for your body to process the food that you eat. So, if you want to eat an ice cream, then choose better regular ice cream instead of fat free ones.

Weight Loss Success Tips – Myth #3 – Skipping Breakfast. There are weight loss plans that recommend skipping breakfasts, but this is a wrong thing if you try to shed some pounds. Many studies showed that people who skipped breakfasts weigh more than those who do not, especially those people who eat not only breakfast but four other meals per day. And as you see it is more important what and how you eat than the amount of calories consumed. Skipping breakfast decreases your metabolic rate and you have less chance for maintaining your ideal weight, no matter how many calories you consume.

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You can find many weight loss success tips, but be careful when choosing the best weight loss method. You need to increase your metabolic rate, control the consumption of your calories, avoid processed foods and chemicals. Eat 5 – 6 small meals per day, do regular physical workouts and you will quickly attain your weight loss goal.

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