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Weight Loss Success Tips – Myth Vs Fact

If you are reading this article then you are concerned you’re your weight and would like to search for weight loss success tips. There are people who say that you should consume less calories to lose weight. Others consider, that it is what you eat is more important than how many calories. There are also people that consider fitness and exercise to be the most important in the whole weight loss process. Then there are carb, fad and starvation diets that seem unhealthy to me. So what are the myths and what are the facts.

Weight Loss Success Tips – Myth #1 – Just eat less
When it is true that burning more calories than you consume will make you losing weight, the question is how long it will last? The body is smarter than we even think, and it gets used to what we feed it. If you give it 2000 calories a day, it will use those 2000 calories. If you reduce the amount to 1500 calories, it will help you to shed those extra pounds for a while, but suddenly your body will lower your metabolic rate so that you only burn 1500 calories per day. The real risk is posed when your calorie level becomes normal again. You will put on any weight you lost and some extra pounds because it takes longer to increase your metabolic rate than it does to lower it. An interesting article was published in Marie Claire this past month where it stated what women from all the countries, including the amount of calories, along with their weight and height.

It is interesting enough that the amount of calories consumed every day seem to be not correlated with the weight. Of course, it does not mean that you can eat an unlimited amount of calories. It takes longer to increase your metabolic rate than it does to slow it down, but be smarter about the calories that you consume.
Weight Loss Success Tips – Myth #2 – Fat Free is the way to be chosen! Avoid fat free foods, in most cases, when fat is removed, it is substituted by something. This is commonly a mixture of sugar and chemicals. Chemicals and sugar is not a good combination as the sugar adds extra calories and the chemicals make it difficult for your body to process the food that you consume. If you want to eat an ice cream, you are much better off consuming regular ice cream than the fat free option.

Weight Loss Success Tips – Myth #3 – I will skip breakfast. Bear in mind that if you want to lose weight in a healthy manner skipping breakfast is not a good idea. Many researches have been performed on the subject and they all show that people skipping breakfast have bigger weight than those who do not, and especially those people who eat not only breakfast but about 4 meals during the day. I want to stress that it is not the amount of calories that you consume, it is what and at what time you have your meal. When you skip breakfast, your metabolic rate is slowed down and diminishes any chance for weight loss and it does not matter how little calories you eat.

You can find weight loss success tips everywhere, but be careful, decide what you need. You need to rave up your metabolism, manage the consumption of calories and avoid processed foods and chemicals. When doing physical workouts on a regular basis, having 4 – 5 meals during the day, you will successfully reach your weight loss goals.

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