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Weight Loss : Still Looking For A Solution That Works?

People in America spent an estimated $59 billion last year on trying to lose weight. What exactly was all of that money spent on? This is what – special foods, low-calorie soft drinks, appetite suppressants, gym memberships, diet books, exercise DVDs, and surgery. Regrettably, despite spending so much, most people failed to lose the weight that they wanted to. The reason being that they mainly spent their money on flawed weight loss products.

One product alone will not make you lose the weight that you want to though, you also need a gym or exercise program and a proper dietary plan. Researchers have found that many of the additives that are added to processed food make us addicted to them, and we often suffer withdrawal symptoms from certain processed foods. You must have noticed how you open a packet of biscuits and you can’t just eat one?

You decide to get a bag of small chocolates to nibble on throughout the day, but you end up stuffing them all straight into your mouth. You don’t enjoy them; the flavor is more of an addictive, deep desire to eat as many as possible, as quickly as possible, to fill that strange desire. You seem to be compelled to eat the whole bag, well now you know why.

Less than 1% of that huge sum spent on weight loss products was spent on prescription drugs. However, a great new product was released last year called phentemine375. Its part of the phentermine family, but incorporated into it are some interesting obesity beating hormones. You can learn more about it at www.phen375.com and check out the exact ingredients.

Most of us remember a product called fen-phen, which also used phentermine, which was removed from the market several years ago. It’s a different form of it being used now though, which has passed the necessary tests. Several products are now making use of it, such as Adiphene, though it’s not scheduled to be released until the end of this year. I was not able to contact them directly but did see several press releases regarding this new pharmaceutical weight loss product.

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Since the fen-phen fiasco of the 90s, the pharmaceutical industry has not made meaningful progress in combating obesity, one of the nations biggest and costliest health problems. No prescription products have taken over the market. The FDA has effectively killed the prescription weight loss development by making it virtually impossible to get a product to market. Most products currently in the pipe line will never be seen or consumed by the public.

At least Phen375 is already out and making an impact. It’s been given the approval it needs by the relevant authorities so it might be worth you giving it a try. As there are no more weight loss prescription drugs planned for release for the next 6 months then alternatives are hard to come by. It could be just what you need to supplement your diet and exercise program.

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