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Weight Loss Objectives

When we speak of weight loss objectives most people think of the number of pounds they want to lose. In fact, weight loss itself is not usually an objective. Your desire of losing weight is usually a result of other factors. Some other things have probably made you think of losing some weight. These things are the ones to be considered as objectives, not the weight loss itself.
Weight loss is a narrow objective. Being a challenging task losing weight requires having some other strong and wide objectives. You have been gaining your weight for many years of improper diet and exercise habits. To get this weight off you need to use all the power of your subconscious. Your habits, your personality traits and your subconscious have made you fat. This means you need to work with them if you want to change this fact.
If your objective is weight loss, your subconscious will not consider this to be a good idea. Losing weight is not a reason for your subconscious. This sounds meaningless to it. You need to find arguments to convince the inner self that you need to lose weight. Without doing this your chances to succeed are very small.
To set the right objectives you need to think for a while. Try to find some honest reasons that make you want to lose weight. Make sure to write down the reasons you come up with. There may be a single one or many of them. It does not matter. Just write all of them down. These reasons will become a basement for formulating new weight loss objectives. For example, if you are embarrassed to go to the beach, your objective should be the following: to be able to go to the beach without feeling uncomfortable. If you feel that being overweight causes some health problems, you objective may be: to achieve a stable blood pressure or heart rate and so on.
Such objectives do not even mention weight loss. However, they are very strong and are able to convince your subconscious. Losing weight will become an important part of achieving these objectives though. You still could attend weight loss groups or have a target weight. Doing this is in harmony with your main objectives and your subconscious will try to help you. This means you will begin to lose weight much easier than you did before. And you might also improve your life in other spheres as well. Wider objectives allow to get better results or wider results if you want. If your objective is to become happier, you will be able to achieve this rather than just lose some pounds.
Good luck on your way to a better life!

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