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Weight Loss: Losing Stomach Fat At The Gym

If you want to lose weight at the gym, you should be consistent
For losing belly fat and keeping it off on a permanent basis you will not only need follow a good diet and use the right supplement. The only thing that will be effective for your weight loss on a long term basis is right healthy nutrition and exercise.

Burn more calories than you eat
If you want to lose weight or get rid from fat from your body, you should burn more calories that you eat. It is a well known fact that all energy is conserved either as mass or heat. The mass is fat in case with weight loss and it looks unattractive, especially if it is accumulated around your belly.

Your major goal is to convert your fat sources of energy into heat by working it out. Your body needs energy to work out, which can come either from calories consumed or from the reserves in your tissue. The calories that were consumed recently will be melted first and then your body begins to convert body tissue.

Healthy nutrition will help in any weight loss exercise plan. Make small changes to your eating habits to experience great changes in your weight loss process.

How quickly can you get rid of belly fat?
If you want to get rid of 1 pound, you should make sure that you burn around 3500 calories when doing your physical workouts. Bear in mind that your fat reserves will be burnt when you use up all the calories consumed. If your weight was rather stable, before you began going to the gym then you know that all extra physical workouts that you do will help you to burn belly fat.

The intensity of your physical workouts will be different and the calorie counters in the gym are not as accurate as you may think, anyway you can have an idea of how many calories you burn. You can burn 10 calories per minute running on a treadmill and if you combine it with weights then you can achieve burning about 500 calories per session.

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You can not lose belly fat fast and think that it will be kept of on a permanent basis.
Of course, losing 500 calories per session is not enough if you want to lose weight fast and your aim is to melt around 3500 calories. For this reason many people fail to lose weight when attending the gym. They do not understand that to lose belly fat they need to be consistent. They should be able to allot for an hour several times a week for doing physical workouts if they want to see noticeable results.

500 calories per day is a pound of fat in a week if you attend the gym on an every day basis. Losing a pound of fat per week is safe and healthy way of weight loss and you will see that it is not difficult to keep it off for a long time.

If you are a busy person and can not going to the gym every day, try to have 3 sessions per week to achieve your goal. In such a way you will be able to lose a pound of fat every 2 weeks and this is an excellent long-term weight loss plan.

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