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Weight Loss Lessons Of Your Conscious

It is a well-known fact among the doctors that hypnosis is a powerful method to overcome weight problems. Quit often we have some lapses when we eat more than we can and snack using the wrong food, meaning fat and caloric one. Usually after the situations when you overeat, you experience lot of criticism and disappointment connected with your past behavior. As a rule, your critical inner voice begins to speak to you and this negatively influence your physical and emotional state. In most cases this voice ruins your psyche and disturbs you all the time. However, the way you respond to it is really important for your emotional and physical well-being. That is why the problem of weight loss is not an acceptance, and your inner voice influences it as well.

Why is it so essential?

It was scientifically proven that such negative thoughts, as a rule, do sabotage your efforts to get rid of excessive and unnecessary pounds. When we speak about the need to shed extra weight, we first of all should discuss the necessity to get over this negative mindset and self-programming, as doctors cal call it. Actually, this inner voice is trying to defend your personal beliefs that are natural to your subconscious mind and happen to appear there from time to time. In reality, to somehow solve this problem, you must think of subconscious mind as a wide library – a kind of baggage of everything that you have seen in your life, have felt and experienced. Besides, it includes the exact scheme for all your personal beliefs and behaviors, and thus, your organism knows how to respond on this or that situation, Food, for instance.

It is vital to know that your inner voice used to operate the same like a head librarian, which makes all decisions and implements policy based upon what you feel or hear. In spite of the fact that this voice does not know exactly how to fulfill your goals, it is still trying to protect and guide you through all difficulties. What is more, it is crystal clear that it wants you to be strong and powerful I order to bear all life challenges. Otherwise, it is trying to control your thoughts, behavior, emotions and feelings. Actually, it resembles a child who is unable to overcome stressful situations, loneliness, as the absolute notion and sadness, as the worse feeling in the world after indifference. Have you noticed how powerful it is? In actual fact, it both makes you do something against your subconscious, and after all it usually beats you up for putting this into practice. It does not make sense, from the first side. However, finally, you understand that it teaches you a lot.

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